Thursday, January 15, 2015

Obama's Stubborn Denial of the Terror Threat Endangers Americans

The Islamic terror attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris was carried out by Muslim criminals who were apparently trained in Yemen. Meanwhile, national security officials are warning of an imminent threat to Europe and the United States from jihadi soldiers who are returning from the wars in Syria and Iraq.

According to the head of the FBI and other first responders, there is no way to stop their re-entry because, after all, they have American passports. Nor is there any way to stop them in Syria and Iraq since President Obama has surrendered both countries to our enemies.

The Democratic mayor of New York - ground zero for the Islamic war - has even stopped the surveillance of jihadi mosques, the breeding grounds for domestic "lone wolves." And with our southern border shredded by Mr. Obama and the Democrats, it’s not going to be difficult even for foreign jihadis to reach their infidel targets. Of course, the president doesn’t like the word "terror" to begin with, let alone "Islamic terror." Thanks to him, the Islamic war against the United States is officially referred to as an "overseas contingency operation," while domestic Islamic mayhem is filed under the category "workplace violence." [more...]

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