Friday, April 10, 2015

4-10-15 Expert Commentators from FrontPage Mag Available for Interviews

56% of UK Jews to Vote Conservative, 18% Labour

For everyone who thinks that Jews won’t shift to the right, it’s already happened in Europe. [more...]

Boston Marathon Jihad Murderer Tsarnaev Guilty

The guilty verdict came as no surprise to anyone, least of all Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense attorney, Judy Clarke, who told the court last month, "It was him." Tsarnaev could now face the death penalty, and it would be richly deserved, given the fact that he and his brother deliberately placed a bomb filled with nails behind a row of children, hoping to maximize the number of people they murdered, and subjected eight-year-old Martin Richard to a gruesome and excruciatingly painful death. [more...]

Holiday Church Destruction in the Islamic World

As millions of Christians around the world were celebrating Easter Sunday, the Christians of the Muslim world were again under attack.  The April 2 Islamic jihad attack on a Kenyan school - where the Islamic murderers made sure to slaughter only Christian students, sparing fellow Muslims - was only the most spectacular attack. [more...]

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