Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4-14-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: NBC's 'American Odyssey' - Anti-Corporate and Anti-Free Speech
2. Allen Kors: States Resort to Suspending Licenses in Effort to Collect Student Debt
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Apple CEO is Hypocrite
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Tiger Woods - Bad Attitude is Bad for Business
5. Joe Messina: O-Castro!

NBC's 'American Odyssey' - Anti-Corporate and Anti-Free Speech

NBC has launched a new television series called "American Odyssey," which is based on the premise that an American company that has been funding Islamist terrorist groups is covering up the scandal by using private military contractors who are ready and willing to attack U.S. soldiers. "American Odyssey" is in no way conservative in nature or in substance. The show's creators have indicated that they view the program as a means in which to exhibit their belief that the Citizens United case and U.S. business entities are sources of evil in the modern world. Citizens United is the Supreme Court decision that strengthened free speech in the form of campaign finance and allowed corporations, non-profits, and other entities to participate in the financial support of political candidates. [more...]

States Resort to Suspending Licenses in Effort to Collect Student Debt

The student loan bubble has ripened to such an extent that over 7 million debtors were in default as of mid-2014 and they're holding on to over $100 billion in outstanding debt. Consequently, both private and federal lenders are exploring a variety of tactics to collect outstanding payments. Those payments, after all, represent forecasted revenues that never arrived. One such tactic employed by the Education Department is engaging private debt collectors to bring in borrowed money. While they often rely on unethical (and illegal) pressure tactics to coerce borrowers to start paying, these glorified bounty hunters have earned over $1.6 billion in commissions and bonuses from 2010 – 2013. Still, when engaging debt collectors just doesn’t cut it, many states resort to other, more punitive means. 22 States have passed litigation that permits them to suspend professional and/or driver's licenses of student loan defaulters. [more...]

Apple CEO is Hypocrite

The religious freedom act in Indiana has been big news in America recently. Apple CEO Tim Cook was all "fired up" by Indiana's new law. Yet Apple makes billions of dollars selling its products in Russia where gays have no rights; and in Muslim countries like Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, where gays are murdered for their sexual preference; and in China where no one has any civil or human rights. Why doesn't Apple stop selling iPhones and iPads in those countries? Why doesn't Apple close its Moscow store immediately? Hypocrites. [more...]

Tiger Woods - Bad Attitude is Bad for Business

Sunday’s Masters Golf Tournament was a win for the masses. I find that society has grown so sick of self-absorbed athletes, and that is why Jordan Spieth’s victory (a humble, 21-year-old who carried each swing towards victory with class and grace) was the beginning of a new era. This young professional athlete has a long and far-reaching career ahead of him. There is much to be experienced and learned about living in the limelight, for life proves that it is as much about process as it is about results. This also proves true in regards to building one’s career. Businesses are a team operation. As Tiger Woods illustrated by his unsportsmanlike behavior, one bad sport is a bad hire and is therefore also bad for business. As a leading authority on buying, selling and fixing businesses and the best-selling author of "Sell Your Business for More than It’s Worth," my experience and expertise has repeatedly shown me that businesses owned by people servicing a WHY that is bigger than themselves are the ones that excel and become the greatest successes. If Tiger Woods continues his bad behavior, he will not only be kicked off the greens, but will lose the green in the process. [more...]


Mr. President, you say we have been handling Cuba the same way for 50 years and it has changed nothing. You’re right, I agree! They still oppress their people. The Castro brothers are still vicious dictators; they still imprison and torture political prisoners. Their one-percenters are the Castro brothers. They still imprison homosexuals (so much for human rights.) But none of those things bother you. And you think that if we just lighten up and start doing business with them again all that will change? Don't you think if they really wanted freedom for their people they would have installed, or allowed to have elected, a democratic government? What do you think normalizing relations with an oppressive, communist, human rights offending government will do for them, and for that matter, us? Raul Castro wants money and an apology for how we have treated them over the years and I have a sneaky suspicion, Mr. President, that you're trying to figure out how to do that! I’ll tell you what, you get them to apologize for the human rights violations they have committed against their people since they took over and you can tell them, well, nothing. We did nothing wrong. [more...]

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