Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Are Republicans “Cruzin’” for a Crack-up... or Victory?

By Lowell Ponte

With voting in the 2016 presidential contests soon to begin, is the Republican Party headed for a train wreck? Does the GOP face a politically fatal dilemma: either nominate the provocative billionaire Donald Trump or deny him the nomination via a brokered convention followed by a Trump independent candidacy (like Teddy Roosevelt's in 1912) that would split Republican votes and bring victory to likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton?

A gambit by Texas Senator Ted Cruz might prevent this GOP disaster. Having surged ahead of Trump by 10 points in Iowa in the latest Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Poll, Cruz is the one candidate in a position to play this gambit, likely in one of the final Republican debates. The gambit would be to propose that in 2016 the Republican Party should do as our British cousins do – offer voters not just a President and Vice President, but an entire “shadow government,” while daring Democrats to do likewise. [more...]

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