Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernardino was Entirely Predictable

By David Horowitz

On the heels of the Paris attacks, ISIS issues threats against the United States. A Muslim couple highly trained and armed to the teeth, with an IED factory in their house, with GoPro cameras on board, murders 14 and wounds 17 members of a seasonal gathering in San Bernardino, and a day later no one in the media will say it’s a terrorist attack. Even on Fox, the word is “No one will say whether it’s workplace violence or a terrorist attack.” Really? Who leaves a meeting goes back home, as the killer did, gathers up his wife, drops his six month old child with the grandmother, dons battle fatigues and drives back to the meeting to carry out his mayhem? The obvious answer is no one.

Twenty years after Islamic jihadists declared war on us, fear of offending Muslims still trumps securing the safety of 300 million Americans, non-jihadist Muslims included. This suicidal stupidity flows from the top. The president will not acknowledge that millions of Muslims are at war with us. His first response to this latest massacre is another call for gun control. How about bomb control – three were set at the target site. [more...]

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