Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2-17-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: CPA Commentary: How to Think About the New Peterson Institute Report on the TPP
2. Joe Messina: Rabid Hypocrisy and Hate for Scalia from the Left
3. Daniel Greenfield: Here’s How “Flat Broke” Bill Clinton Buys Stuff
4. Barry Farber: America the Humiliated
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of the U.S. Economy

CPA Commentary: How to Think About the New Peterson Institute Report on the TPP
By Michael Stumo

The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) released a report that trumpets embarrassingly small gains from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. The PIIE Study admits that “the TPP is not likely to affect overall employment in the United States.” The study projects that by 2020 U.S. incomes will rise a mere 0.1% of GDP. This means that 99.9% of growth will happen without regard to the TPP. Japan is estimated to gain five times more income (in relation to GDP) than the U.S., Vietnam 16 times more, and Malaysia 15 times more. [more...]

Rabid Hypocrisy and Hate for Scalia from the Left
By Joe Messina

Justice Antonin Scalia died last weekend of natural causes. Justice Scalia, according to his colleagues on both sides of the aisle, was a loved and respected man, even by those who disagreed with him 100% of the time. But what happened to those on the Left who always scream about civility, about not spewing hate, about everyone deserving respect? They busted a gut and couldn’t contain themselves. Their rabid rhetoric and hate speech is all over the Internet. They hate Scalia because of his stance on Supreme Court decisions with which they didn’t agree... all the while disregarding the many decisions he made that protected and helped millions. [more...]

Here’s How “Flat Broke” Bill Clinton Buys Stuff
By Daniel Greenfield

During the last election, Obama trotted out Bill Clinton to talk up his economic programs. If Hillary is the nominee, expect Bill Clinton to be out there pretending to be able to relate to ordinary people. But here’s the reality that Bill Clinton lives in. Clinton was notoriously blasé about financial matters. “He doesn’t care about money,” the Clinton friend told me. “He doesn’t even have a credit card. When he wants to get something he says, ‘Wow, I love that,’ and whoever he’s with says, ‘Here it is!’” That's the way royalty and a limited class of celebrities function. The piece focused on the role that Clinton's body man, a pal of Huma Abedin, played in picking through his political ties for cash. It wouldn't surprise me if a whole lot of the Clinton loot ended up in the pockets of their associates. [more...]

America the Humiliated
By Barry Farber

It’s the present secretary of state who drives me to the Ranting Wall right now. Situation: Two American naval vessels that can outrun anything else afloat get pulled over to the side of the watery road in the Persian Gulf by an Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessel. Our sailors get an order from we-know-not-where-or-whom to “stand down!” That means don’t do anything to antagonize an enemy. Our American “prisoners” are treated to systematic humiliation at the time of apprehension, but the “best” is yet to come. Secretary of State Kerry at that time thanks the Iranians for “taking such good care” of our sailors and “allowing them to return to their travels in a prompt and professional manner.” Comedian Bob Hope won everlasting fame with a number called “Thanks for the Memories.” Kerry and his boss, Barack Obama, are winning everlasting fame now with a number called “Thanks for the Humiliation”! [more...]

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of the U.S. Economy
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

The U.S. economy is currently floating in limbo. Consumer data suggests economic recovery, while markets indicate greater hesitancy in U.S. monetary policy and the global economy. On the good side of things, we have consumers. Americans kicked off 2016 with a bang, showing increases in retail sales across the board. Online sales, clothing and automobiles were all up. Auto manufacturers have dirt cheap gas to thank for the increase in sales. Consumers are no longer being discouraged by expensive gas. Household purchases, which make up the bulk of consumer spending, further bolstered retail numbers. Despite setbacks in the oil industry, U.S. employers added 151,000 jobs in January – another step in the right direction for a strong economy. But what’s the bad news? [more...]

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