Friday, February 12, 2016

Trump Presidency Clincher

By Wayne Allyn Root

There is only one person at this moment standing in the way of Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton. If Sanders is the nominee, Trump might very well become the first Republican president to win the black vote. Trump will win New York State. So don’t even worry about Bernie.

That leaves one target: Hillary. She is the only one standing in the way of “President Donald Trump” at this moment. Donald Trump understands “branding.” He branded Jeb Bush as “low energy”... Bush disappeared. He branded Ben Carson as “unhinged”... Ben disappeared. He branded Ted Cruz as "unlikeable," pointing out that Cruz is hated by every fellow Senator. Ted fell off the radar in New Hampshire.

Donald’s amazing talent allows him to find his opponents’ big weakness and pound it home publicly in the media until it’s imbedded in everyone’s subconscious. First, the public is shocked at the comment; then they laugh at the comment. Then they start thinking about it. Then they can’t get it out of their minds. And then his opponent is roadkill.

Now it’s time for Donald to use that remarkable talent for branding... to destroy Hillary - NOW before she ever gains momentum. At this moment, she is at her weakest; the walls are closing in on Hillary. It's the perfect time to finish the job. Hit her now while she's wounded and she’ll never recover. It's game, set, match. [more...]

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