Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10-18-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: Trump and Trade - At Least Partially Right
2. Wayne Allyn Root at the Debate with Red Hot Clinton Revelations
3. James Hirsen: Trump’s Unmatched Fundraising Hauls
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: WikiLeaks Takes on Washington
5. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Clinton’s Campaign Strategy is Failing
6. John LeBoutillier: Can Trump Still Win - Or Is He Out of Time?

Trump and Trade - At Least Partially Right

Not everything Trump says is wrong, particularly when it comes to trade. Prominent figures in politics and the media are now using the association with Trump to discredit critics of U.S. trade policy. In fact, U.S. trade policies have been harmful to tens of millions of workers. This reality is not reversed because Trump has chosen to make trade policy a major issue in his campaign. There are two main ways in which our trade policies have cost workers' jobs and/or wages. The first is by reducing overall demand in the economy as a result of our large trade deficit. The second is by changing the composition of demand so that there is less demand for manufacturing workers. The impact of both has been substantial in the last two decades. [more...]

Root at the Debate with Red Hot Clinton Revelations

I will be attending the Presidential debate in Las Vegas as a guest of the Trump campaign. I’ll be available from the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV for interviews before and after the debate. Remember, you heard it here first: Hillary’s WikiLeaks revelations are straight from the horse’s mouth... and these leaks are deadly, embarrassing, devastating and - in some cases - criminal. If only the mainstream media would bother to report them. Here are just a few revelations from the past few days that I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard. [more...]

Trump’s Unmatched Fundraising Hauls

Despite the unprecedented onslaught of negativity from the entertainment industry and mainstream news media outlets, Donald Trump hauled in a record breaking $100 million in a single month from individual donors that contributed $200 or less. Never before has a GOP candidate attained such a fundraising feat in a single campaign stroke. The day he held a joint press conference in Mexico with President Enrique Peña Nieto and also gave an immigration policy speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump raised $5 million in a single day. Additionally, the Trump campaign vastly exceeded the $5 million mark on September 27, 2016, when the campaign took in $18 million in a single day. [more...]

WikiLeaks Takes on Washington

This past week, WikiLeaks published yet another inside look at Clinton campaign e-mails. The data dump was extensive, with e-mails dating back two elections ago, but the information did not reveal much more than we already know about Clinton. It did, however, shed light on the inner workings of the Democratic party and its corruption. More than anything, these constant publications by WikiLeaks provide an inside view of the undercurrent for the election. Whatever motives people have behind their actions, whether it be business incentives, political gain, or personal greed, you can’t deny that in the end the truth always comes out, and good, honest individuals prevail. I say let’s put better people in Washington and bring down the insiders. [more...]

Clinton’s Campaign Strategy is Failing

In the past, personally attacking a candidate generally boosted an opponent in the minds of voters. But, it’s not working that way for Clinton because of her high unfavorable numbers. It’s generally acknowledged that Clinton is not a good campaigner. Clinton lacks charisma and typically doesn’t connect much with voters; but it’s also true that Clinton does not appear to be good at formulating an effective campaign strategy. Her voter intensity is very low for many reasons. To boost her voter intensity and to enhance her voter momentum, Clinton should be making the case for why she would be a good president and why her vision and policies would be better for America. That simply does not come across in the few public appearances that she makes. Bottom line: Clinton is squandering the last few weeks of this campaign with personal attacks against Trump. [more...]

Can Trump Still Win - Or Is He Out of Time?

With three weeks to go – and early voting underway – where does the race stand? How badly is Trump damaged by the Access Hollywood video and the multiple women charging that he groped them? Is the mainstream media downplaying the Wikileaks information? Has the media become an adjunct of the Hillary campaign? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

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