Monday, October 24, 2016

10-24-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: The Poisoning of the American Mind
2. David Horowitz: The Political Uses of Race
3. Daniel Greenfield: Racial Privilege, Guilt & Oppression
4. Joseph Klein: Black Lives Matter Infiltrating Public Schools
5. Michael Stumo: TPP Ambassadors Pledge to Increase Push for Lame-Duck Vote
6. Joe Messina: WikiLeaks is Making a Real Mess of the Election

The Poisoning of the American Mind

America has undergone a fundamental realignment: On one side are the governmental, institutional, media, and civic elites; on the other side, the people. We know this because the branches of government are riddled with corruption; the educational institutions, with rare exception, are instilling minds with disinformation; the mainstream media have pledged allegiance to a single political party; political and corporate elites are pushing for open borders and putting our national security in jeopardy; and leaders from various facets of society are using relativism to nurture a collective “doublethink” mentality. For months, the voting public has been assaulted from all sides with false narratives, distorted news reporting, blatant lies from leaders and officials, and pernicious propaganda. [more...]

The Political Uses of Race

According to President Obama, racism is “part of the DNA” of America, transmitted through the generations from its origins right to the present. This statement is perhaps the most malicious libel ever uttered by an American president against his own country. It is true that racism became one of the rationales for slavery, an institution America inherited from the British Empire before abolishing it. But slavery existed in Africa for a thousand years before a white person ever set foot there, and for 3,000 years in all societies. It is what peoples of all races and ethnicities imposed on their enemies when they conquered them. [more...]

Racial Privilege, Guilt & Oppression

PBS personality Tavis Smiley stopped by Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a private “Hidden Ivy” with a modest $45K tuition, and was asked about whether slavery might make a comeback. “Mr. Smiley, do you believe that given the crisis state of our democracy, we black folk could ever find ourselves enslaved again?” a student at this elite institution asked the millionaire. Smiley assured readers of Time Magazine, the flagship product of a multi-billion dollar corporation headquartered near the World Trade Center, that slavery could very well make a comeback. Why? What possible reason did Tavis Smiley have for anticipating the return of not merely Jim Crow, but cotton plantations and chains? Because the Senate has yet to act on Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.  The South will rise again… because a judicial nominee’s confirmation was delayed. It’s the sort of thing Senate Democrats used to think was good clean fun. [more...]

Black Lives Matter Infiltrating Public Schools

The toxic Black Lives Matter narrative is continuing to infiltrate our mainstream culture. It is even finding its way into our public schools. Case in point is the plan by about 1000 teachers in the Seattle public school system, with the strong backing of the school system administration, to wear "Black Lives Matter" T-shirts this week. Some of the educators’ T-shirts include a raised fist, not exactly a symbol of racial harmony and peaceful dialogue. [more...]

TPP Ambassadors Pledge to Increase Push for Lame-Duck Vote

Ambassadors from Trans-Pacific Partnership countries pledged to accelerate their efforts to ensure the agreement is passed during a lame-duck session of Congress and reiterated the importance of the United States to the global trading system and its TPP partners. [more...]

WikiLeaks is Making a Real Mess of the Election

WikiLeaks and social media are making a real mess of our 2016 election cycle. Mind you, it’s a self-inflicted mess, but a mess nonetheless. Because of the “Interweb,” information is instantaneous and trackable. The “Alinsky” plan is being played out by the Left almost flawlessly. Let’s start with Trump whose tax returns were “leaked” and then posted. They were illegally obtained and published against federal law. Is there an FBI investigation? NO! Will there be charges brought? NO! Why? Because the Clinton Mafia is above the law and their “made men” will be protected. We learned through WikiLeaks of corruption in the Clinton universe like that only seen in a crime novel. The problem in this case is that it’s real! [more...]

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