Tuesday, May 9, 2017

5-9-17 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Adieu, France
2. Dr. Elaina George: Will the New Healthcare Act Bring Down Costs?
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Republicans Should Sell Obamacare Repeal as Necessary to Combat Fraud
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: America’s Uncivil War
5. James Hirsen: Colbert Doubles Down as FCC Investigates
6. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Consolidation is in the Bag

Adieu, France

France’s death warrant was issued Sunday, as voters chose Emmanuel Macron as their next President. If his promised policies are followed, then the ally who helped America win its independence will see its borders erased and its identity absorbed into the empire of the European Union (EU). Macron strode to his victory speech platform to the playing not of the French national anthem, but of “Ode to Joy,” the EU anthem. [more...]

Will the New Healthcare Act Bring Down Costs?

There are three things that are important to know about the new healthcare proposal known as The American Healthcare Act of 2017 (AHCA). First, it does not repeal Obamacare; second, it doubles down on one of the most expensive parts of the healthcare system by subsidizing the health insurance industry; and third, it does not replace Obamacare. In fact, if it is left in its current state, it will eventually lead to single-payer. The centerpiece of the bill allows states to opt out of essential healthcare benefits such as the requirement for mental health care and maternity care. It also allows them to opt out of the requirement that premiums be the same for people of the same age. However, there is nothing in the legislation that will lower the cost of health insurance or put pressure on the insurance companies to lower premiums and out of pocket costs. [more...]

Republicans Should Sell Obamacare Repeal as Necessary to Combat Fraud

The repeal of Obamacare should have been easy. Democrats committed one of the worst frauds in history in order to sell the bill; a massive crime was committed on an unprecedented scale. President Trump needs to appoint a special prosecutor to start investigations and prosecute everyone involved. That’s the way to sell the repeal of Obamacare. So why doesn’t anyone in the GOP leadership point that out? Because Republicans leaders are dumb, weak-willed and cowardly. They’re afraid they might offend someone; it might hurt someone’s feelings. Here’s the truth: Obamacare was a scam - a Ponzi scheme worse than anything dreamed up by Bernie Madoff. It was sold through deception, misrepresentation and lies... not to mention bribes such as “the Cornhusker Kickback.” [more...]

America’s Uncivil War

If you look around America today and witness what is supposed to be civil debate, we see that America is experiencing a new type of war, an Uncivil War, which impacts our relationships, our work and school lives, and even our freedom of speech. America’s Uncivil War is a fairly new phenomenon that’s both uncomfortable and unfortunate. It’s disconcerting to many Americans in their families and their lives. It’s damaging not only to normal political debate, but also to the core of our freedom of speech, because people simply stop talking to each another. People are often afraid to disagree with one another and are frequently hesitant to bring up political topics with family members and friends for fear of starting a fight. People are even afraid to mention President Trump at work or in their schools and colleges, because of the real fear of losing friends or starting a big argument. [more...]

Colbert Doubles Down as FCC Investigates

Stephen Colbert is still dealing with the fallout that has occurred from an airing of “The Late Show” during which the CBS late night host let loose with a number of crude and obnoxious insults aimed directly at the president. After FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai had the opportunity to watch Colbert’s opening, he made the decision to launch an investigation into the matter. He said, “I have had a chance to see the clip now, and so, as we get complaints – and we’ve gotten a number of them – we’re going to take the facts that we find and we are going to apply the law as it’s been set out by the Supreme Court and other courts and we’ll take the appropriate action.” Pai added that if the FCC makes the determination that Colbert and CBS should be penalized, it would likely be in the form of a monetary consequence. [more...]

Consolidation is in the Bag

The attractiveness of luxury brands like Coach, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, and Michael Kors have faltered as of late. As if competing for the same customers was not difficult - and costly - enough, these companies are trying to redefine luxury among young shoppers who have very little brand loyalty. The big brands, especially Kate Spade, walk a fine line between discounting their products via “flash sales” to appear more affordable and compromising the perceived quality of the brand. It is still unclear how millennials will influence the marketplace, and in particular, the luxury one. In an effort to make this a seamless transaction, Coach says it will preserve the Kate Spade brand and management and expects to strengthen its brand image and international presence. [more...]

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