Wednesday, July 12, 2017

7-13-17 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Mark Tapson: The Compassionate Left and the Cold-Hearted Right
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Amazon Enters Yet Another Market
3. Jeff Ferry: Civilian Drone Industry - USA is Missing the Boat
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Trump, Jr.’s Non-Russian Collusion
5. Daniel Greenfield: How CNN Took on President Trump and Lost

The Compassionate Left and the Cold-Hearted Right

There is a common misperception of conservatives as unfeeling, greedy monsters who hate the poor, the sick, the underprivileged, the nonwhite. Progressives assume they are normal, decent, compassionate human beings while the right is inhumanly and incomprehensibly cruel, almost a completely different species; and that struggling to thaw a conservative’s frozen heart is a lost cause. It isn’t that conservatives are heartless, of course; we simply have a different (not to mention effective) philosophy about solving such ills as poverty, joblessness, and lack of affordable health care. Unlike the left, we look for solutions that actually help instead of just compulsively throwing more of other people’s money into failed programs with compassionate-sounding names, and we also look for solutions that encourage the needy to help themselves instead of keeping them trapped in demeaning cycles of dependency. It’s the difference between the proverbial giving a man a fish and teaching him how to fish. [more...]

Amazon Enters Yet Another Market

Amazon recently announced that they will be providing their own version of Best Buy’s Geek Squad service, which offers in-home product installations and repairs. The new “Amazon Smart Home Services Store” on its website lets users book appointments for installations and free consultations. Company experts will answer questions and set up products like smart lights and thermostats as well as Amazon’s line of smart-home devices. Best Buy’s Geek Squad was about the only unique service provided by Best Buy; and with Amazon entering the race, Best Buy is expected to lose ground to Amazon and that has already started to show. Best Buy stock prices plummeted more than 7% after the announcement came in. This is equal to about a $1 billion decrease in value. [more...]

Civilian Drone Industry - USA is Missing the Boat

At last month’s Paris Air Show, China showed off its latest military drone, an unmanned intelligent computer-controlled vehicle called the CH-5. Military experts were impressed. The CH-5 has a range of 20,000 kilometers (12,000 miles), and can stay aloft for up to 50 hours. “You can just imagine a drone carrying eight missiles and watching you from above non-stop for 24 hours,” boasted Shi Wen, described by Motherboard magazine as the “chief designer” of the aircraft. The CH-5, nicknamed Rainbow, has a superficial resemblance to America’s leading-edge military drone, the MQ-9 Reaper. The Reaper can carry a payload 50% greater than the Rainbow. However, Chinese executives claim the Rainbow has a significantly greater endurance (time aloft) due to a more energy-efficient engine. The Chinese also claim to have equipped the Rainbow with wall-penetrating radar, more advanced than any system on any U.S. drone. [more...]

Trump, Jr.’s Non-Russian Collusion

Donald Trump, Jr. was lured to a meeting with a Russian lawyer presumably because they might have some negative information on the Clinton presidential campaign. It turns out that there was no negative information on the Clinton campaign to share with Donald Jr. Instead, apparently the Russian lawyer wanted to lobby for the repeal of the 2012 Magnitsky Act that punishes Russians who violate human rights by seizing assets and denying entry in the U.S. (Note: Putin had responded to this act by cutting off baby adoptions.) The bottom line is simple: it’s yet another story about another non-event. [more...]

How CNN Took on President Trump and Lost

Before President Trump called out CNN as fake news, its new boss had already turned it into fake news. But that was a different world. Obama was in the White House. Hillary was going to succeed him. Nothing interesting was going to happen in the world of politics. CNN could just focus on infotainment. And then Trump emerged and everything changed. Suddenly CNN was going to have to do news again and Zucker, the gimmick guy who had bet big on reality shows on NBC and then on CNN, was completely out of his depth. He understood entertainment, but he didn’t have the faintest clue about journalism. In the summer of ’16, he had ridiculed BuzzFeed as not being a real news organization. That gave BuzzFeed a whole lot in common with CNN. By October, he had hired on Andrew Kaczynski and his BuzzFeed team of trolls. And it’s that team of trolls that is now at the center of CNN’s latest scandal. CNN had already lost 3 reporters from its investigative unit over a fake news Trump-Russia hit piece. Instead of enmeshing President Trump in scandals, its investigative unit is deeply enmeshed in scandal. [more...]

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