Tuesday, November 7, 2017

11-7-17 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: U.S. Economy Continues to Grow
2. James Hirsen: Hollywood Unravels
3. Jeff Ferry: In Corporate Taxes, It’s the Tax Base That Matters
4. Lowell Ponte: The Left’s Failed Civil War
5. John LeBoutillier: Gaming the Odds of Any GOP Tax Bill Getting Signed into Law

U.S. Economy Continues to Grow

The U.S. economy grew 3.1% during the third quarter of 2017. This was higher than expected after several states were damaged by hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Many analysts believed that there would be a sharp slowdown in our economic growth following the devastating results of this year’s hurricane season. However, spending held steady, even though home building investment dropped. Consumer spending had a 2.3% growth, added with the increased growth of exports; business investments in equipment and intellectual property kept the GDP growth rate at 3%. This was despite the fall of construction spending, mainly due to the effects of the hurricanes this year. [more...]

Hollywood Unravels

Hollywood is experiencing a seismic displacement that is impacting its business, brand, and future prospects. Since the disgusting serial behavior of Harvey Weinstein was made known to the public courtesy of the tenacious reporting of journalist Ronan Farrow, some of the most powerful members of the Hollywood community have been accused of various forms of sexual misconduct ranging from sexual harassment to criminal sexual assault. The alleged perpetrators comprise a list of some of the biggest and most heralded names in Hollywood... [more...]

In Corporate Taxes, It’s the Tax Base That Matters

In their just-announced tax reform plan, the Republicans are focusing on the corporate tax rate. But that’s the wrong variable to look at. The tax base is much more important than the rate, because the tax base determines the corporate profit that can be taxed. A broader tax base enables a lower tax rate; and if Congress does not change the tax base, then cutting the rate will prove a short-lived benefit, because continued erosion of the base will mean tax revenue will decline further and rates will need to go up again in the future. The core problem in today’s corporate tax system is that we say we have a worldwide tax system but in reality we tax mostly corporate income (profit) booked in the U.S. [more...]

The Left’s Failed Civil War

What promised to launch an "Antifa apocalypse" for America proved instead to be not a bang, but a whimper.  Only a handful of the usual radicals showed up in a few liberal cities to carry signs supplied by the Revolutionary Communist Party, which idolizes the Marxist totalitarianism of Mao Zedong. Even in New York City, mobilized by a full-page New York Times ad on November 1, photos appeared to be only a meager menagerie of protesters huddled together on a street in a city where large, boisterous left-wing rallies are commonplace. [more...]

Gaming the Odds of Any GOP Tax Bill Getting Signed into Law

What are the odds that this new GOP tax bill - called The Tax Cut and Jobs Act - passes and is signed into law? Let us go through the political calculations and make a series of estimates: This particular bill itself - as announced last week - will not be passed... ever. But that is normal. It will be changed, tweaked, altered, bargained over and negotiated into a different bill... [more...]

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