Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2-21-18 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: Infrastructure Plan Must Not Succumb to Naïve Free-Trade Mythology
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Volkswagen Making 2018 its Best Year Ever
3. Daniel Greenfield: The NRA Wins Because Love is Stronger than Hate
4. Bruce Thornton: Why the Media Fell in Love with NK’s Kim Yo-Jong
5. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Are Gun Violence Statistics Overstated?
Infrastructure Plan Must Not Succumb to Naïve Free-Trade Mythology
In a meeting with House and Senate members this week, President Trump was reportedly surprised to learn that his newly released infrastructure plan didn’t include any “Buy America” requirements. The president had issued an executive order last April stating: “It shall be the policy of the executive branch to buy American and hire American.” Administration staff writing the initial infrastructure plan appear to have overlooked that order, however. But an infrastructure package cannot create jobs in the U.S. if it exports taxpayer dollars to Asia and Europe. Thus, the president’s proposal is far less strategic than it should be, and the administration should promptly revise it to incorporate Buy America requirements. [more...]
Volkswagen Making 2018 its Best Year Ever
Volkswagen has made a great start to 2018. Its sales are up 10% compared to January of 2017. Chief Executive Fred Kappler said that this was the best start for Volkswagen in its history, with significant growth in all regions.  The auto giant, which owns Porsche, Audi and Skoda, was struggling due to its diesel emissions scandal which has already cost the company more than $30 billion. But the company seems to have bounced back in spectacular fashion. The main contributors to the sales boom the German auto maker is experiencing is due to China, and the SUV. [more...]
The NRA Wins Because Love is Stronger than Hate
Politico has a piece headlined, "Why the NRA Always Wins." "Your burning outrage about the Parkland school massacre is already starting to flicker," it begins. The assumption is that the "You" who reads this is also against the 2nd Amendment. Strip away the biased language and it's true. A movement built on exploiting the occasional crisis to hate guns is never going to be a match for those whose culture it is. That's always been the prohibitionist problem. [more...]
Why the Media Fell in Love with NK’s Kim Yo-Jong
There’s a pattern in the progressives’ admiration for Castro, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Chavez, and most recently Kim Jong Un’s sister, the head of propaganda for the North Korean terror state whom the left’s media lackeys effusively praised during her appearance at the Olympics. No matter how blood-stained, any tyrant can be an object of the left’s affection, as long as he or she is on the side of “revolution” against the hated capitalists and the repressed bourgeoisie. This century-long love affair explains the endless parade of useful idiots making pilgrimages to totalitarian hell-holes like Stalin’s Russia, Chavez’s Venezuela or Castro’s Cuba, there to swoon over the Potemkin heaven on earth. It also accounts in part for the surreal, cult-like worship of the tin-pot messiah Barack Obama, whose very trouser crease could thrill the starry-eyed pundit, whose banal rhetoric could send tingles down the leg of the most hard-bitten journalist. [more...]
Are Gun Violence Statistics Overstated?
After the gun violence and tragic massacre of 17 people in Florida last week, the Left has been pushing hard to further regulate or eliminate guns and to diminish the influence of the NRA. Actually, that’s a predictable response from the Left that includes the old mainstream media and the Democrats. While acknowledging the tragedy in Florida, let’s look at some gun violence statistics to put this terrible incident into some perspective. [more...]

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