Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2-28-18 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Ron Hosko: MS-13 - Just Trump’s Boogeyman?
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Citigroup to Refund $335 Million to its Credit Card Holders
3. Daniel Greenfield: Rep. Scalise, Shot by Dem, Urges Dems to Focus on Mental Illness, Not Guns
4. David Horowitz: How “Identity Politics” is Designed to Destroy Us
5. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The 2020 Presidential Election Kick-Off
6. John LeBoutillier: Gunnin’ for Change

MS-13 - Just Trump’s Boogeyman?
By Ron Hosko - President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund/ Fmr. Assistant Director of the FBI

It’s estimated that MS-13 has 10,000 members in at least 40 states.  In Northern Virginia and Maryland, once thinning MS-13 ranks, diminished by successful federal prosecutions, have been reconstituted with unaccompanied minors sent to the U.S. by families and gang masters in Central America. The gang’s calling card has been discovered across the region – shallow graves bearing the remains of youthful victims showing evidence of horrific deaths. But now, with an administration willing to actually enforce immigration laws, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can play a larger role by identifying and deporting illegal alien MS-13 members and recruits before the more complex and longer term investigative efforts are even necessary. [more...]

Citigroup to Refund $335 Million to its Credit Card Holders

If you are a Citigroup card holder, you may be entitled to roughly $190. On Friday, Citi reported with its annual filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission that it has failed to lower interest rates for some credit card holders and $335 million will be reissued. This bank is one of the largest credit card issuers in the U.S. and apprehended the issue after an internal review. The issue is stemmed from their methodology to lower interest rates in return for good behavior by its customers. [more...]

Rep. Scalise, Shot by Dem, Urges Dems to Focus on Mental Illness, Not Guns

Lately, the left has been spouting about unchallenged moral authority. Rep. Scalise is the closest thing to a sitting official with unchallenged moral authority on mass shootings. He was seriously wounded when a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire at practice for a congressional charity baseball game. Instead of seizing on that, Rep. Scalise and other Republicans took the high ground. I don't expect the media or the left to listen to Rep. Scalise. But maybe this should be a reminder that decency doesn't work with the indecent. Republicans should have treated the attack just like Parkland. [more...]

How “Identity Politics” is Designed to Destroy Us

In January 2018 when negotiations over the fate of 800,000 “DACA” recipients broke down, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blamed the impasse on the alleged racism of President Trump and his senior advisers. “Last night the president put forth a plan,” Pelosi told the U.S. Conference of Mayors. “Let me just say what I said last night: that plan is a campaign to make America white again.” This was not only an obvious lie, but a spectacularly brazen one, since Trump’s announced plan would provide a path to citizenship not only for the DACA illegals who are non-white, but for a million additional illegals, mainly from Latin America, who are also mainly non-white. [more...]

NOTE: David’s new book, volume 9 of The Black Book of the American Left, will be out in April.

The 2020 Presidential Election Kick-Off

We haven’t even hardly started the 2018 Congressional elections and the 2020 presidential election is already underway. It was the headline on both the Drudge Report and on Fox News this week. President Trump announced Tuesday that he will definitely run for re-election in 2020. It’s official. That’s 980 days before Election Day in 2020, which is historically early for a presidential re-election run. (Obama, as an example, announced 582 days ahead of 2012.) President Trump also introduced Brad Parscale, an expert on digital campaign strategy, as his campaign manager. He’s been called Trump’s “secret weapon” by a report on 60 Minutes and has been reported to have said that Trump won because of his use of Facebook and Twitter. [more...]

Gunnin’ for Change

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we explore President Trump's reaction to the organic high school student movement that is growing as a result of the Florida shootings. Will it be enough to force the political class to change any laws? Will this movement last? Will President Trump lead on this issue - or will he end up just being an advocate for the status quo? In the Trump-Russia Investigation, are things accelerating now that 13 Russians have been indicted? Is Special Counsel increasing the pressure on Paul Manafort because Manafort has knowledge of something Trump did? Where is this investigation headed? [more...]

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