Monday, May 28, 2018

5-29-18 Great Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: Why I Will Not Be Speaking at UC Santa Cruz on June 6
2. Howard Comen: They’re Not God
3. Lowell Ponte: Bloomberg: “Let’s Tax the Poor”
4. Rick Richman: What is the “Crossfire Hurricane?”
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: What is Disrupting the Market and Could it Affect You?

Why I Will Not Be Speaking at UC Santa Cruz on June 6

Over the last thirty years, American universities have steadily abandoned their liberal ideals and become one-party states, where conservatives and their ideas are treated as alien intruders. Conservative faculty members at schools like UC Santa Cruz are as rare as unicorns. Entire academic disciplines, like Santa Cruz’s Feminist Studies Department, are openly designed as indoctrination programs in the ideologies of the left, with no pretense of examining a range of ideas in a scholarly manner. Required reading lists throughout the liberal arts curriculum have been cleansed of books by conservative authors. And over the last twenty years even visits by conservative speakers unconnected to the university have become contested occasions where leftwing activists obstruct, slander, and attempt to disrupt the visitor’s’ efforts to present a conservative point of view. This is a national disgrace – an offense to the very idea of education in a democracy like ours. But it is tacitly supported by the university itself. [more...]

They’re Not God
By Howard Comen, Private Investigator, Journalist

The silent majority are fed up with millionaire entertainers and athletes shaping our society - in a very negative way - with their leftist socialist agendas. We are the ones who support them! We go to their movies, we root for them at their games, we buy their products and are “gaga” over everything they do.  However, our recent boycotts are hitting them hard in the only place that matters to them - their pocketbooks - with the NFL’s low attendance, falling box office receipts, low awards shows’ viewership and more. Morgan Freeman, whose role as God in one movie has since had his Hollywood-invented popularity rewarded with wealth and fame, many endorsement deals, playing God in documentaries and more, has shown his true colors - first by apologizing for the allegations against him and now retracting them.  Well, the advertising industry doesn’t like it and many have fired “God” as his endorsement deals are going up in smoke.  Even “God” is not getting by with such behind-the-scenes behavior. [more...]

Bloomberg: “Let’s Tax the Poor”

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of America’s richest billionaires, now wants to heavily tax poor people. Such taxes, says Bloomberg, would be a “good thing” for those already in poverty. Like most self-righteous leftist Progressives, Michael Bloomberg is paternalistically proposing what economists call “Pigovian” taxes, designed not only to enrich government but also to impose social engineering. [more...]

What is the “Crossfire Hurricane?”

In explicating the derivation of “Crossfire Hurricane,” I think they focused on the right line from “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” but I think it should perhaps be read in connection with the preceding verses. The first lines of the four verses in the song read as follows:

I was born in a cross-fire hurricane
I was raised by a toothless, bearded hag
I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead
I was crowned with a spike right through my head

From the Lisa Page/Peter Strzok texts, we know Page took the position that Trump couldn’t possibly win, but Strzok responded that an “insurance policy” was necessary in case Trump unexpectedly prevailed. In other words, Trump might be, as most people thought at the time, electorally “washed up and left for dead” - but if he won, despite the odds, it was necessary that he be damaged from the moment he was inaugurated - “crowned with a spike right through [his] head.” [more...]

What is Disrupting the Market and Could it Affect You?

The economic conditions of the United States have been spectacular as stock market indexes have hit all-time highs and unemployment rate hits new lows. However, over the past several weeks, market conditions have been volatile due to inflation and interest rate fears and trade war disputes with China. Let’s analyze further the cause and effect of these market disrupters. [more...]

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