Monday, May 7, 2018

Removing Mueller

I think it's the beginning of the end for Robert Mueller (I think of him as a dirty, crooked prosecutor). President Trump is facing this continued investigation and it’s clear that Mueller is out to get Trump; his whole investigation is an attempt to impeach the president. It’s a very dangerous situation. In the DOJ, there were a lot of people who were fired; though Peter Strzok, the prime mover, was not fired.  As I point out in Killing the Deep State, it's shocking, but the real crime was that there was a coup d'etat planned - the so-called “insurance policy” they needed. 

The coup d’etat, the treason, started in the FBI.  AG Rod Rosenstein is basically Strzok’s protector; Strzok may be saying, “I know a lot; I’ll tell everybody everything unless you protect me.  I want to keep my job.  I don’t want to be fired.”  Devon Nunes, at the House Intelligence Committee, is complaining about Rosenstein; in fact, there has been a motion being written up by several of the House members to impeach Rosenstein.

Rod Rosenstein is the Deputy AG under Jeff Sessions and is a long-term Democratic operative; he goes back to even a position in the IRS.  He’s had a long history of protecting the Democrats.  He’s like all the others: Mueller, Comey - they’ve been moved in and out of board positions, in and out of private law firms.  Comey’s got an $18 million net worth - I want to know where that came from.

As we see the setup right now, they’ve got Mueller who is trying to impeach Trump; Rosenstein, who is refusing to hand over to Congress all these million pages, which would make it clear that the DOJ and the FBI were protecting Hillary Clinton.  They were making sure there would be no indictments against Hillary during the campaign; and they concocted this plan to make up the Russian collusion narrative and use that as the basis for getting the FISA court wire-tapping approval.  From that, they intended ultimately to impeach Donald Trump if he should win.  These people are still in place: Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions...  [more...] [Part II]

NOTE: Corsi's latest Killing the Deep State has soared to the top of Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Times bestseller lists. He argues his book offers "smoking gun" evidence high-ranking officials of the FBI and DOJ took steps in 2016 to insure Trump's ouster if he was elected.

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