Tuesday, June 12, 2018

6-12-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: 3 Key Foreign Meetings, Not Just Singapore
2. Bruce Thornton: Strong American Leadership Puts the World in Shock
3. James Hirsen: Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and the Death of Late Night Comedy
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: McDonald’s’ Self-Serve Kiosks Don’t Need Minimum Wage
5. Daniel Greenfield: Islamic Insanity in the Netherlands

3 Key Foreign Meetings, Not Just Singapore

Days before the summit, Kim fired several senior staffers, reducing his fear of a coup d’etat while he was away. If he does not move to eliminate his nuclear weapons, President Trump will likely respond by encouraging parity on the peninsula through South Korean nukes. Mr. Trump might also encourage Japan to flex its secret nukes and their accompanying space and weather rockets, which have long had the specs of ballistic missiles. Ever since the “Three Arrows Affair” of the 1960s, it has been clear Japan would regard an attack on South Korea – whose city Busan/Pusan is only about 30 miles away from Nagasaki Prefecture’s Tsushima Island, scarcely farther than the distance from Catalina Island to the California mainland – as an attack on the Japanese homeland. Imperialist China would dislike South Korean or Japanese nuclear weapons. And in the spirit of President Trump, China has strengthened and lengthened its walls to prevent a crisis flood of North Korean refugees. [more...]

Strong American Leadership Puts the World in Shock

After Donald Trump left the G7 meeting early to head for Singapore to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, he left behind a disgruntled gaggle of Lilliputian states who have grown accustomed to U.S. leaders accepting the institutional ropes binding the world’s greatest power, and now are shocked and angry that an American leader is putting America’s interests first. We don’t know how Trump’s high-stakes negotiating on trade and tariffs will turn out, or whether the American people can take any economic pain that may attend the correction of trade imbalances that have tended to favor our partners and rivals at the expense of our own economy. But we have long needed to concentrate our partners’ minds on the wisdom of changing their assumption that the U.S. will put itself second in order to uphold the “postwar world order” that frequently camouflages the subordination of our interests to theirs. [more...]

Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and the Death of Late Night Comedy

Ironically, late-night comic hosts, many of whom were trailblazers in the laugh industry, have slowly but surely morphed into lemmings, substituting smug political claptrap for comedy. Rather than entertain, the ones who are lucky enough to have actually made it into comedy’s top echelon are now catering to a flimsy fan base of enraged resisters and hate-driven hypocrites. Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” is the latest example. Recognizing the phenomenal economy under President Trump’s leadership, Maher stated that he believes it is critical for the U.S. economy to collapse in order to rid the country of a president with whom he disagrees. [more...]

McDonald’s’ Self-Serve Kiosks Don’t Need Minimum Wage

McDonald’s has a new plan to boost sales: self-serve ordering kiosks where customers can order their Big Mac without the horrible attitudes and consistent mistakes of the franchise employees that could care less about customer service. The company plans to upgrade 1,000 stores with this technology every quarter for the next eight to nine quarters, because when people have to scroll through menu items themselves, they end up ordering more of those $1 menu items. “What we’re finding is when people dwell more, they select more,” CEO Steve Easterbrook told CNBC on Monday. [more...]

Islamic Insanity in the Netherlands

The Dutch were once on the front lines of religious wars. They still are today. But the difference is that much of the country no longer recognizes or understands religion. Recent research claims that 40% of the Syrian refugees in the Netherlands are suffering from mental problems. Among Dutch people, it tops out at 14%. Are 40% of Syrian refugees really disturbed or “verward,” the Dutch term that loosely translates as confused? Or are Europeans unable to process behavior and values different from their own? [more...]

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