Tuesday, June 26, 2018

6-26-18 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Seth Rogen Spreads His Hate Around
2. Jeff Ferry: White House Documents Tools and Strategies Behind Chinese “Economic Aggression”
3. Michael Stumo: Trump Documents China’s Commercial Espionage Campaign Against U.S.
4. Lowell Ponte: The “Hatest” Generation Gets Even Crazier
5. John LeBoutillier: The President Runs America Rough
6. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Amazon Shareholders to Bezos: Stop Marketing Facial Recognition Tool!

Seth Rogen Spreads His Hate Around

Seth Rogen has a strange way of showing love for his fans. The Canadian actor recently appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and told a story about how he laughingly rejected some fans that had requested to have their photos taken with him. Maybe Rogen was trying to shore up his reputation with some of his leftist Hollywood pals, many of whom have been hysterical about the U.S. border policy. The Rogen fans who were rebuffed turned out to be the children of the current Speaker of the House and the Speaker himself. [more...]

White House Documents Tools and Strategies Behind Chinese “Economic Aggression”

The White House published a document detailing the wide range of tools and strategies used by the Chinese government to steal, extort, and otherwise gain access to American intellectual property (IP) to support their drive to become a leading global economy with dominant positions in many of the world’s most important industries. The document is a powerful and frightening inventory of the broad-based Chinese campaign of economic aggression, ranging from well-known ploys like espionage to lesser-known bureaucratic tricks like regulatory rules within China that force U.S. companies to give up their trade secrets as the price for entry into the Chinese market. [more...]

Trump Documents China’s Commercial Espionage Campaign Against U.S.

We may be living through an era in which free trade is relegated to the dustbin of history. That’s because the notion of tariff elimination equaling free trade is becoming quaint. And the concept of a “level playing field” is similarly vague - and probably distracting. Strategic trade has been and always will be the norm as nations use industrial policy, exchange rate devaluation, and tariffs to win the global competition for good jobs and industries. More specifically, nations that successfully produce and trade use exchange rate devaluation to achieve a continuing trade surplus, and they often rely excessively on foreign consumers. [more...]

The “Hatest” Generation Gets Even Crazier

Not all, but nearly a third of Millennials now in their mid-30s continue to live in their parents’ basement. Many seem unable or unwilling to grow up, preferring to remain perpetual children. And like spoiled children, many throw angry tantrums and violently demand the world obey their commands. What is wrong with Millennials? Research published this June found I.Q. scores had been increasing – until 1975, when I.Q.s went into a steep decline of 3 to 4 points, an unexplained plunge in I.Q. that may help explain why immature Millennials seem to be America’s “dumbest generation,” at least politically. Roughly 40 percent of Millennials prefer “socialism” to “capitalism.” This is understandable, coming from children accustomed to having paternalistic rulers who give them food and shelter without making the children take any responsibility for working to pay their share of costs or the family’s taxes. To such Millennials, the world is supposed to be a free ride. Because they do not work, such Millennials can watch TV all day long – MSNBC (i.e., Marxist-Socialist NBC) and CNN all day, Stephen Colbert weeknights, and “Saturday Night Live” on dateless weekends – marinating their narrow little minds with propaganda that is more than 92 percent anti-President Donald Trump and anti-Republican. [more...]

The President Runs America Rough

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we analyze Donald Trump's complete 180-degree reversal on his policy to separate immigrant families at the southern border - and then his blatant misrepresentations about what he did and why. What caused his sudden reversal? What does this say about his other controversial positions? Will he retreat on tariffs? Will America's adversaries see weakness behind all the bluster? [more...]

Amazon Shareholders to Bezos: Stop Marketing Facial Recognition Tool!

Nearly 20 groups of Amazon shareholders are pressuring the tech company to stop selling facial recognition technology to law enforcement. In a letter delivered to CEO Jeff Bezos late Friday, the shareholders, many of whom are advocates of socially responsible investing, say they're concerned about the privacy threat of government surveillance from the tool. Amazon's technology, called Rekognition and introduced in 2016, detects objects and faces in images and videos. [more...]

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