Tuesday, September 25, 2018

9-25-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dawn Perlmutter: The Feminist Cult of Victimhood
2. Lowell Ponte: Killing Kavanaugh - Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
3. David Horowitz: America is a Divided Nation Now and Calling Each Other Racists Makes It Worse
4. Karen Kataline: Dems Succeed in Delaying the Process While Rushing to Judgement
5. James Hirsen: Bono Talks with Pope Francis
6. Adam Andrzejewski: Mr. President, Wage a War on Waste

The Feminist Cult of Victimhood

Christine Blasey Ford is the latest poster child in the feminist cult of victimhood. She achieved that status by claiming she was physically attacked at a high school party by Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh three decades ago. She immediately became the perfect useful idiot whose false memories and false allegations are being fully exploited to postpone the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. She is the latest symbol of oppression among anti-Trump women activists. Instead of characteristics like honor, integrity and courage, feminist heroines must first and foremost be victims, real or imagined. [more...]

Killing Kavanaugh - Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
By Lowell Ponte

We now know that rape is real in the case against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being raped by the Democratic Party, by its willing accomplice Christine Blasey Ford, and by its leftist comrades in the national media. Worse, the Democrats’ delaying tactics may be about to kill Kavanaugh’s nomination. Under the U.S. Senate’s arcane rules, if Republicans go along with Ford’s lawyer’s demand that she not testify before next Thursday, then the clock could run out and Kavanaugh’s nomination process will end before the vote on his confirmation a week later can be taken. This best-qualified jurist in 50 years will have been taken out by a late hit, an Alice-in-Wonderland political character assassination that gives new meaning to the old saying: “Justice delayed is justice denied.” [more...]

America is a Divided Nation Now and Calling Each Other Racists Makes It Worse

Our current divisions have poisoned our political discourse. Instead of discussing the important public policy issues that should drive our national conversation, too often we find ourselves engaged in name calling and character assassination of those with whom we may differ on policy matters. No word in our language has the ability to damage a public figure more deeply than “racist.” I know this for a personal fact. I was recently smeared as holding a “racially charged event” by an irresponsible headline writer at the Washington Post. I then watched as this smear was picked up by Florida papers, and escalated into the claim that I was actually a “racist.” This false claim was then reprinted by media all over the state. Their apparent goal was to attack Congressman Ron DeSantis by linking him to me... or rather this distorted image of me. [more...]

Dems Succeed in Delaying the Process While Rushing to Judgement

It has come to this: In order to produce the political outcome they want, Democrats are willing and in some cases advocating for an end to due process.  Along with our history, and our time-honored traditions, they are now prepared to throw out the assumption of innocence until proven guilty - one of the cornerstones of our Republic. Alan Dershowitz said this week that such a notion is dangerous and un-American. It doesn’t matter that Democrats are in the minority. It doesn’t matter that they lost an election. They are willing to smear and destroy a Supreme Court nominee and drag the country through the mud to do it.  Their selective moral outrage as everyone knows, never included Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy or more recently, Keith Ellison. Such blatant hypocrisy doesn’t matter to them either. [more...]

Bono Talks with Pope Francis

It is not easy to obtain a meeting with the Pope, but U2’s front man was somehow able to pull it off. Puzzlingly, Paul David Hewson, a/k/a Bono, lead singer of the rock group U2, was granted a meeting with the pontiff, which reportedly lasted for at least 30 minutes. At the meeting, which took place at the Casa Santa Marta hotel where Pope Francis maintains his residence, the rock singer and the Holy Father are said to have discussed topics ranging from capitalism and the environment to the clerical sex abuse scandal. [more...]

Mr. President, Wage a War on Waste
By Adam Andrzejewski, Author of “Operation Drain the Swamp”

Monday, in The Wall Street Journal, we launched a two-page ad encouraging President Trump to wage a three-pronged attack against federal waste: 1. Post White House expenditures online; 2. Cut executive agency waste; and, 3. Report monthly progress to the public. As commander in chief, President Trump can lead the “War on Waste.” America is facing a spending crisis. We are asking the president to defend the American taxpayer and cut the egregious waste, fraud, and taxpayer abuse from executive agency budgets.” [more...]

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