Thursday, November 29, 2018

11-29-18 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Kataline: It Takes a Good Guy with a Gun to Stop a Bad Guy with a Gun
2. Daniel Greenfield: Celebrate the International Day of Tolerance with Intolerance to the UN
3. Jeff Ferry: Steel Tariffs Creating Jobs, Boosting GDP
4. Robert Spencer: Lessons from 1,400 Years of Jihad

It Takes a Good Guy with a Gun to Stop a Bad Guy with a Gun
By Karen Kataline

When Democrats gain control of the house in January, they will be fighting harder than ever to convince us that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be trusted to have guns to defend themselves. Not long ago, they balked bitterly at the accusation that their real goal was to repeal the Second Amendment. Now, many have finally started to admit that this is precisely what they had in mind all along. Good for them. Better for us. They are easier to beat when they tell the truth. Unfortunately, that’s never very often. Conservatives have an excellent argument in favor of the Second Amendment by proclaiming that “it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.” Unfortunately, it makes no sense to Leftists and it’s instructive to examine why. [more...]

Celebrate the International Day of Tolerance with Intolerance to the UN
By Daniel Greenfield

International Tolerance Day was celebrated at the World Tolerance Summit at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. A photo of the event shows three Arab Muslim men in burnooses sitting under the Summit's subtitle, "Prospering from Pluralism: Embracing Diversity through Innovation and Collaboration." The UAE is an Arab Muslim entity. Good luck obtaining citizenship if you aren’t an Arab Muslim. Leaving Islam is forbidden, but the government has a special site encouraging infidels to convert to Islam. Diversity is great… as long as it’s limited to Muslim men. Pluralism is fantastic. But you’re not allowed to leave Islam. And tolerance is applied equally to Muslim men and other Muslim men on Tolerance Day. [more...]

Steel Tariffs Creating Jobs, Boosting GDP
By Jeff Ferry

Despite pessimistic predictions from many economists, the administration's steel tariffs are creating U.S. jobs and stimulating growth. Steel tariffs, in combination with other economic policies, will drive growth of 2.1 million additional jobs in 2018 over the baseline forecast. An additional 1.2 million jobs are expected to be created annually in the years 2019 through 2021. The performance of the U.S. economy since the steel tariff was implemented in March has been outstanding, with over a million more jobs in the U.S. economy today than in March, and GDP growth roughly half a point higher than economists had predicted. [more...]

Lessons from 1,400 Years of Jihad
By Robert Spencer

The History of Jihad is the first book that chronicles the entirety of the phenomenon of jihad for 1,400 years - not just the jihad against Europe, although that’s very much a part of the book, but also the jihad against India and the jihad elsewhere, also tying in the fact that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is itself a jihad, and, of course, the people who struck us on 9/11 were motivated by the exact same ideology that has motivated the jihad conquests of the distant past and is still with us very much today. If you do not learn from your mistakes, you keep making the same mistakes again and again and again. That’s U.S. foreign policy today, because of, in large part, a lack of awareness and understanding of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat and of a complete lack of knowledge of the history of jihad. Here are three lessons from history that could have a very great impact on foreign policy today in the United States, were there to be sanity in the State Department, which, of course, I know is at a premium. [more...]

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