Monday, November 5, 2018

11-5-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Will We Vote to Destroy Ourselves?
2. James Hirsen: Dems' Policies of the Past Match Trump of the Present
3. Karen Kataline: Justice for Kavanaugh?
4. Christian Toto: Media Hid Baldwin's Hate
5. Jeff Ferry: U.S. Manufacturing Resurgence is Broad-Based
6. Kyle Olson: "Dummycrats" Director Tells of Firsthand Look at the Border

Will We Vote to Destroy Ourselves?
By Lowell Ponte

Elections have consequences, said Barack Obama. He was right. Among the unexpected consequences of voting for him were eight years of economic stagnation, an almost-destroyed American Dream, and a 50-year setback in race relations caused by his relentless divide-and-conquer politics of polarization. These problems reversed in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump, who in less than two years has restored our economy to 4.2 percent growth, reduced unemployment for all groups to the lowest levels ever measured, and in the single month of October alone created an average salary increase of 3.1 percent.

Such an amazing achievement should win overwhelming reelection for Mr. Trump’s party this November. But polls show the leftist media and other Democratic comrades have waged such a one-sided campaign of hate against him that Republicans might lose one, or even both, Houses of Congress. If this happens, the Trump economic miracle could be stymied and destroyed. Millennials whipped into irrational frenzy against the President will be tricked into voting to ruin their own future prosperity. Democrats eager to reverse America’s economic success will become the Grinch-o-crats who steal Christmas. [more...]

Dems' Policies of the Past Match Trump of the Present
By James Hirsen

When it comes to the issue of immigration, a lot of Democrats are singing a different tune than the one the Party sang in the past. The current crop of Democrat leaders are advocating for open borders, throwing their support behind so-called sanctuary cities and states, seeking to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, and believe it or not, actively engaging in voter registration of non-citizens. Some leaders are even pushing to completely abolish ICE, the very agency responsible for enforcing border security. As a result of some of the policies that the Trump administration has implemented, especially the policies that attempt to enforce the rule of law, a sizable segment of the Hollywood community thinks, most likely erroneously, that they have found a safe opening through which they can enter the political arena. The safe opening to which I refer is what left-wing activists have labeled the “separation of families.” [more...]

Justice for Kavanaugh?
By Karen Kataline

The woman who claimed to write an anonymous letter accusing Justice Brett Kavanaugh of raping her in his car has admitted that she lied. Judy Munro-Leighton turned out to be a left-wing activist who admitted that she did it because she was angry. She has never met Justice Kavanaugh. That’s a pretty clear contradiction to the liberal chorus that women never lie about sexual assault. "Women don’t want to call attention to themselves that way,” they say. “That means they should always be believed,” is their refrain. Munro-Leighton admitted that she did it for the attention. Now it's in the hands of the Department of Justice to investigate her for potentially making 'materially false statements' and for 'obstruction'. [more...]

Media Hid Baldwin's Hate
By Christian Toto

It’s becoming clear that Alec Baldwin has been treating people, women in particular, very badly for some time. The news finally leaked this week after Baldwin, 60, got arrested after allegedly punching someone over a parking spot dispute. His arrest let several reporters add their own Alec Baldwin stories to the news cycle.  We already knew Baldwin used a gay slur in the past. His combative nature against photographers and journalists alike is crystal clear. The airline incident where his rage got him kicked off a plane rocked a news cycle or two. That’s on top of the terrible voicemail leak where he called his young daughter a “rude, thoughtless pig.” [more...]

U.S. Manufacturing Resurgence is Broad-Based
By Jeff Ferry

Manufacturing employment in the U.S. has now shown year-on-year growth of more than 250,000 employees for six consecutive months, the largest and most sustained manufacturing job growth we’ve seen since 1998. Manufacturing employment may finally be on the path to a real recovery from the severe downturn that began in 2001, when we lost 1.47 million manufacturing jobs in a single year. As of October, the U.S. added 296,000 manufacturing jobs compared with the previous October. That’s equivalent to a 2.4% increase in manufacturing jobs over the year, with total manufacturing employment standing at 12.785 million in October, per Bureau of Labor Statistics data. [more...]

"Dummycrats" Director Tells of Firsthand Look at the Border

Kyle Olson, of The American Mirror and writer and director of “Dummycrats” featuring Diamond and Silk, is available to discuss making the movie with the social media stars, and the impact that the film has had. Kyle appears in the film when the ladies dispatch him to the border to better understand the problem with illegal immigration and the need for a border wall. Watch a portion of that scene here. He can give behind-the-scenes insights into filming in the districts of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. The film, which debuted in nearly 800 theaters across the country in mid-October, is available via streaming and DVD at It’s a movie every undecided voter should see before the midterm elections.

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