Wednesday, February 20, 2019

2-20-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Jeff Ferry: Competitive U.S. Dollar Could Produce Over Six Million New Jobs
2. Adam Andrzejewski: Washington is Missing a Chance to Cut the Federal Workforce
3. Sally Pipes: Dem 2020 Hopefuls - All Roads Lead to Single-Payer
4. Daniel Greenfield: Omar's Anti-Semitism, Sarsour, The Smollett Hoax...

Competitive U.S. Dollar Could Produce Over Six Million New Jobs
By Jeff Ferry

A new study of the U.S. economy shows that the U.S. dollar is overvalued by 27 percent. Adjusting the dollar to a competitive level would yield large benefits to the economy, including an estimated $1 trillion in additional GDP and up to an additional 6.7 million new jobs over six years. The study, entitled Quantifying Economic Growth and Job Creation from a Competitive Dollar, uses the REMI economic model of the U.S. economy to capture the impact of exchange rates on imports, exports, and the domestic economy. When the dollar moves down by 27 percent over six years, export volumes rise, which enables domestic industries - including manufacturing, mining, and agriculture - to grow at higher rates. The United States is the only major world economy that has suffered from an overvalued currency and persistent trade deficits for more than 40 years. [more...]

Washington is Missing a Chance to Cut the Federal Workforce
By Adam Andrzejewski, Author of Operation Drain the Swamp

Both parties have adopted a mantra of protecting federal employees during the recent government shutdown and ongoing showdown over immigration. Last month, all House Democrats and 29 Republicans voted to increase federal pay by 2.6 percent. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said the effort was about “treating federal employees with the respect they deserve and compensating them for the financial stress the Trump-McConnell shutdown has inflicted on them.” But the reality is federal employees are hardly victims. While it’s true that many are hard-working patriots who could earn significantly more in the private sector, many are not. Still, politicians reflexively defend the status quo out of fear of a political backlash. Their goal is not to protect federal employees or taxpayers, but themselves. [more...]

Dem 2020 Hopefuls - All Roads Lead to Single-Payer
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

The Democratic Party's presidential hopefuls are diverse in all ways but one - their stance on healthcare reform. The front-runners want to eliminate private insurance and put everyone on a government-run plan. But that's not something they've been enthusiastic about revealing to voters. Their legislative records tell a different story. The question is not whether Democrats favor eliminating private insurance - it's how fast they'll do it. [more...]

Omar's Anti-Semitism, Sarsour, The Smollett Hoax
By Daniel Greenfield

Rep. Omar’s Anti-Semitism is Just Cair’s Anti-Semitism
Pull on the string of Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitism and you go right back to the Muslim Brotherhood.

America’s Newest Muslim Martyr is a Child Rapist and Killer
Linda Sarsour raises money for a monster. 

The real reason the media fell so swiftly for the Smollett hoax - right after falling for the Covington Catholic hoax.

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