Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Greatest Enemy of Socialism is Free Will

By Karen Kataline

The Left is already in the middle stages of imposing their evil and seductive ideology on the rest of us. Consequently, they have abandoned many of the ideas they formerly pretended to cherish. Case in point, they don’t lecture us much anymore about “tolerance” and “compassion.” They are more willing than ever to let us see their intolerance for white people, straight men, conservatives, Christians, rural dwellers, law-abiding citizens and, of course, Trump voters.

Like a cult that most people would easily dismiss if they were told the whole truth up front, Socialism must be sold deceptively and incrementally in a velvet glove. It’s a pretty picture of Utopia where there is never any want; there is equality and fairness for all, and no one has more than anyone else. In reality, there must be one or more dictators who divvy up the goods and use any means possible to keep the power apparatus in place. No one expects them to be subject to the restrictions and demands they place on everyone else.

If Socialism is so great, why is it always necessary to first coerce and then force acceptance of it? Because the greatest enemy of socialism is the concept of individual free will. [more...]

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