Tuesday, March 19, 2019

3-19-19 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: The New Zealand Morality Play
2. James Hirsen: College Admission Scandals Imitate TV Scripts
3. Lowell Ponte: How to Invest When Politics Goes Schizophrenic
4. Karen Kataline: Leftists See Bigotry Everywhere... Except Where it Actually is
5. Sally Pipes: Americans Like 'Medicare for All'... Until They Realize What's in It
6. John LeBoutillier: The West Has Cracked

The New Zealand Morality Play
By David Horowitz

My new book, Dark Agenda is a concise, chilling book brimming with evidence that links numerous cultural depredations to one overriding theme: The left's attack on Christian America. If the horrific massacre of 49 Muslims at prayer in two New Zealand mosques shows us anything, it is how askew the moral universe has become since the attacks of 9/11. Since that date, Muslim fanatics have carried out more than 34,000 deadly terror attacks against “infidels” (i.e., people who do not share their faith), murdering – often by the most barbaric methods – hundreds of thousands of Christian men, women and children merely because they are Christians. Yet the world of progressive moralizing seems not to notice these casualties or to reflect on the consequences of the war that Muslims have initiated and continue to prosecute. Virtually the same day as the New Zealand bloodbath, Muslim militants entered a church in the Philippines and mowed down 20 Christians. That same week Muslims in Nigeria slaughtered 85 evangelical Christians – for being Christians – an atrocity that received little attention in the West. [more...]

College Admission Scandals Imitate TV Scripts
By James Hirsen

The admissions scandal that recently hit some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities has resulted in the largest prosecution of an alleged scheme to influence higher education admission decisions made at top tier institutions. The ongoing investigation is named “Operation Varsity Blues,” a title that was also used for a 1999 cult movie. “Varsity Blues” is best known for a scene in which the quarterback son shouts to his football obsessed father the following words: “I don’t want your life!” When prosecutors and investigators used the title of a movie as a name for their investigation, they may not have fully realized the bizarre “life imitates art” connections, which the facts presented with respect to the two most famous defendants involved in the case, actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin. [more...]

How to Invest When Politics Goes Schizophrenic
By Lowell Ponte

For most of America’s history, we have been governed by two political parties of one mind. Both Republicans and Democrats were mostly practical, centrist and pro-capitalist. Even liberals eager to tax business were careful not to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs of jobs and prosperity. With the 2018 election, this secure political environment for investors has changed. In our newly schizoid politics and economics, one of America’s two parties is now largely controlled by self-described socialists who hate the free market and want to destroy it. History is again up for grabs in class warfare, and every future election will be Russian roulette, with the fate of American free enterprise hanging on whether capitalist or anti-capitalist politicians win. How long can our nation, divided against itself, continue to stand? [more...] Get the report: Protecting Your Wealth in Today's America

Leftists See Bigotry Everywhere... Except Where it Actually is
By Karen Kataline

It is the rare Republican today who hasn’t been called a racist or a bigot, particularly if he or she is running for office. From candidates for city council to presidential hopefuls, Republicans across the nation are perpetually put on the defensive, as if they have to prove that they're not racists. This has been the real goal of Democrats, and it has worked like a charm. But in reality, the left is guilty of precisely the same sins they falsely accuse Republicans of perpetrating. The left has worked so hard at its agenda of identity politics, and has stereotyped everyone according to various groupings, that when it’s time to admonish one person in a specific case, the leftists fear the very behavior that they themselves planted – that everyone belonging to that group will revolt as the “victims” they’ve been taught to be. [more...]

Americans Like 'Medicare for All'... Until They Realize What's in It
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Fifty-six percent of Americans want to establish 'Medicare for All,' according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll. A Reuters survey last August found even stronger support, with 70 percent of Americans backing single-payer. With favorability numbers like those, it's no surprise that Democrats angling for the presidency in 2020 are campaigning on single-payer. So, is America just a presidential election away from single-payer health care - a progressive goal since the Truman administration? Not quite. Polling shows that Americans don't understand what 'Medicare for All' entails. Only 13 percent say they've heard a lot about the plan, according to a study from NORC at the University of Chicago. [more...]

The West Has Cracked
By John LeBoutillier

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we analyze how the worldwide moral order has been cracked - as evidenced by the white nationalist attacks in New Zealand, the crooked college admissions cases in the U.S., and other governmental and political scandals throughout the West. What will fix it? Who will patch it? Will the 2020 elections begin the healing process? [more...]

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