Sunday, March 24, 2019

Corsi Vindicated with the Release of the Mueller Report

I feel vindicated since I rejected Robert Mueller’s plea deal because I felt it was fraudulent. The one count Mueller wanted me to plea to was my first day testimony when I had not yet downloaded my 2016 e-mails. I wanted to give his prosecutors my computers voluntarily in the condo where they were located since the last day I used them. My "crime?"  I had forgotten key e-mails. 

Mueller’s prosecutors allowed me to go home for 10 days to load and review the 2016 e-mails. I returned and amended my testimony. The charge Mueller wanted me to plea was the first day’s testimony, when I made memory mistakes. I never knowingly gave Mueller testimony I knew to be false on a material matter because I intended to deceive them. I gave 40 hours of voluntary testimony always intending to tell the truth, admitting my memory of e-mails and conversations from 2016 was not good. 

Mueller’s prosecutors blew up my testimony because they couldn’t believe that in July, 2016 I figured out Assange had Podesta e-mails he planned to make public in October 2016. 

That Mueller did not indict me proves they wanted me to plead guilty to someone Mueller could not prove was a “lie.”  I never had any contact with Assange directly or indirectly. Mueller’s prosecutors were convinced I was the link between Roger Stone and Assange.  That never happened and the prosecutors couldn’t prove otherwise. 

I wrote Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller's "Witch Hunt" to give a firsthand account of what I consider to have been abusive questioning, especially in the last 20 hours when I was honestly trying to see if there might have been anyone who could have connected me to Assange. The FBI visited or otherwise questioned virtually everyone I contacted in 2016 and 2017. In the end, I knew I could not stand before a federal judge and swear under oath that I committed a crime I know I did not commit. 

My wife woke up one morning while I was struggling over the plea deal and told me she would rather visit me in prison the rest of my life than have me be a different person than the man she married. I would not lie if that was what it took to keep me out of prison. That was a critical moment in my decision to resist Mueller. 

Silent No More documents the abuse I suffered and is the background for the federal civil suit I filed in U.S. District Court in D.C. I wrote the book because I wanted people to understand the Kafka-like torture Mueller has put me and my family through for the past seven months. This book details the psychological torment I underwent because of the attempts by the prosecutors to break me.

This is not justice in America. Nobody in this country should ever again be forced to experience what I went through - prosecutorial abuse of power I believe was criminal in nature. I did nothing wrong and the prosecutors made it clear they hated me for my books, going back to co-authoring UNFIT FOR COMMAND in 2004. [more...] Watch Dr. Corsi on FNC.

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