Tuesday, July 23, 2019

7-23-19 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Crista Huff: Can the Epstein Scandal Harm the Stock Market?
2. Lowell Ponte: Will Mideast War Engulf the U.S.?
3. Karen Kataline: Recall Fever to Democrat Governors
4. James Hirsen: Liberal Rants Aren't Silencing 'Lion King's' Box-Office Roar
5. James Davidson: What to Expect from the Mueller Hearing

Can the Epstein Scandal Harm the Stock Market?
By Crista Huff

...And Could it Hurt Your Investment Portfolio. What could the Jeffrey Epstein scandal possibly have to do with your portfolio? Hopefully nothing at all. But sometimes big scandals have a way of touching the stock market in ways you might not expect... In recent years, you’ve read my warnings to investors about General Electric (GE) in 2017 and 2018, and Boeing (BA) in 2019. After more than a year of urging investors to sell General Electric (GE) stock due to continuous corporate problems, I went neutral on the GE share price in the December 2018 issue of my Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor, saying, “If I were previously playing with put options and short-selling, I’d rein in my positions now.” [more...]

Will Mideast War Engulf the U.S.?
By Lowell Ponte

Many fear a shooting war might soon ignite in the Persian Gulf and shut down its 21-mile-wide Strait of Hormuz, through which daily ships roughly one-fifth of the world’s oil supply, about 21 million barrels. Iran controls the eastern side of this “jugular vein” of the oil-dependent global economy. As President Trump’s sanctions to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program have devastated the rogue nation’s oil-based economy, it has engaged in increasingly provocative actions. President Trump seems reluctant to go to war with Iran, but he is sending troops to bolster Saudi Arabia. The Saudi agreement in 1971 to accept only U.S. dollars for its oil - if we promised to defend them with American blood - is what kept our dollar the world reserve currency after President Richard Nixon cut the dollar's last anchor to gold. Our economy may depend on whether war happens in the Persian Gulf. [more...]

Recall Fever to Democrat Governors
By Karen Kataline

Six months after Colorado Gov. Jared Polis was inaugurated and on the first day allowable by law, a group called Dismiss Polis filed a petition to recall him. The secretary of state’s office approved the petition at the end of that day. Also, at the six-month mark of her second term, the Oregon GOP filed a petition to recall Gov. Kate Brown. Meanwhile, there has been serious talk of recalling Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, although recall petitions have not yet been filed in those states. [more...]

Liberal Rants Aren't Silencing 'Lion King's' Box-Office Roar
By James Hirsen

Editors at the Washington Post recently made the inane decision to publish the radical ramblings of Dan Hassler-Forest, assistant professor in the Media Studies Department of Utrecht University, which is located in the Netherlands. In an entertainment world that produces excessively violent, sexually aggressive, and politically correct product to the max, Hassler- Forest makes the nonsensical assertion that the plot line of Disney’s current iteration of “The Lion King” is a fable that is riddled with fascist ideology. [more...]

What to Expect from the Mueller Hearing
By James Davidson, Former FBI Agent & President of ProtectTheFBI.org

How should you apply critical thinking when watching and drawing conclusions from Robert Mueller's upcoming testimony in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees? As a former FBI agent of 23 years, I can tell you: I don’t expect many bombshells from Mueller's testimony. Mueller is a man who says what he will do, and then does it; it's his most admirable trait. He's been clear about what he will and will not talk about, at least publicly, in front of Congress. He will talk about what is already in his report, including Trump’s alleged obstruction. He won’t say what he thinks of how Attorney General William Barr handled the report’s roll-out or anything else not in the report’s 500 or so pages; and, he certainly will not disclose whether he thinks obstruction could or should have been charged had the president been a private citizen. But I know a different side of Mueller - the one that suffers from the same Achilles Heel of law enforcement that James Comey suffered from. That is, a Mueller who believes in the supremacy of his own judgment. [more...]

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