Tuesday, July 30, 2019

7-30-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Jeff Ferry: Tide of Multinationals Leaving China Turns into a Flood
2. Karen Kataline: Trump Made it "IN" to be Genu-ine
3. Lowell Ponte: Can the Three-Headed Democratic Party Win?
4. James Hirsen: The Separation of Church and Search
5. Daniel Greenfield: Nationalism and Idealism at the Border

Tide of Multinationals Leaving China Turns into a Flood
By Jeff Ferry

It took 20 years for China to disrupt global supply chains and build up the world’s largest manufacturing base. In the process, they decimated U.S. manufacturing sectors like computers, telecommunications, and furniture. It seems to be taking just two years for China’s manufacturing dominance to crumble before our eyes. The trickle of departures of large manufacturing companies from China that began last year after the imposition of Trump administration tariffs is turning into a flood. That’s according to Chinese and other Asian news publications, which are using words like “exodus” and talking about multinationals once reliant on China “abandoning ship.” [more...]

Trump Made it "IN" to be Genu-ine
By Karen Kataline

The latest chant by the left that President Donald Trump is a “Racist!” is because he tweeted that Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district in Baltimore is “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.” Trump chose Cummings as a target after months of feigned moral outrage by Cummings and the collectivist left that conditions at ICE detention centers are deplorable and just like concentration camps. The legacy media accepts as fact that Trump is a racist and expects us to believe as well, that it is racist to criticize any Democrat who happens to be black. That rule never applies to black Republicans. Punishment for violating their rule is most severe especially when the criticism is blatantly obvious and glaringly true. [more...]

Can the Three-Headed Democratic Party Win?
By Lowell Ponte

The Democratic Party is not one party but three; these three "heads" of the Democratic Party are very different. The three are divided by a fatal internal contradiction, which is why the party is afraid to debate on Fox News and risk having its Achilles heel exposed. Leftist Democrats are now obsessed with calling President Donald Trump a "racist," but they define racist as any white who disagrees for any reason with a person of color. This means that when a white from the leftist wing of the Democratic Party denounces jobs or tax cuts produced by President Trump, that leftist is also attacking people of color in the moderate Third Democratic Party. Democrats in 2020 probably cannot win by shouting "racist" at all opponents, even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; they cannot win by pushing Trump's impeachment; and they cannot win on extreme issues the left is forcing even "moderate" Democratic candidates to take. [more...]

The Separation of Church and Search
By James Hirsen

Google has been busy of late laying down a track record of bias against conservative, pro-life, and Christian content. Credible reports indicate that the tech giant has been manipulating searches on the part of participant users to facilitate end results that favor liberal outcomes and simultaneously suppress conservative content. Google, via YouTube, has removed videos of Prager U, and Live Action and demonetized YouTuber Steven Crowder’s channel as well as Dr. Michael Brown’s Christian ministry, among others. [more...]

Nationalism and Idealism at the Border
By Daniel Greenfield

The Border Patrol is to the millennial lefty what the Marines in Vietnam were to his grandpa. The problem with both is not that they wear uniforms and carry guns. A heavily armed force dedicated to policing carbon emissions, hate speech, and non-biodegradable straws would be entirely copacetic. The trouble is that the Border Patrol and the Marine Corps are nationalistic forces. And nationalistic forces are the wrong kind of forces because they exist to secure the physical existence of America. [more...]

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