Tuesday, January 28, 2020

1-28-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Laura Loomer: I Am the Most Banned, Censored Woman in the World
2. James Hirsen: A Bipartisan Acquittal for Trump
3. Andrew Bostom: A Muslim "Holocaust Remembrance" Travesty
4. Karen Kataline: Engendering Gender Dysphoria
5. Christopher Markowski: Contagion
6. Lowell Ponte: The Left is a Violent Contagion

I Am the Most Banned, Censored Woman in the World
By Laura Loomer

My name is Laura Loomer, and I am the most banned, censored woman in the world. I am 26 years old, I’m a conservative investigative journalist, a Florida resident, and a Florida business owner. You might be thinking to yourself: how exactly is Laura Loomer the most censored person? How did she get banned on every social media site? By telling the truth. By posting facts. By speaking up in America where we supposedly have free speech. [more...]

A Bipartisan Acquittal for Trump
By James Hirsen

When the Senate impeachment trial wraps up, a supermajority of 67 votes will be necessary for the president to be removed from office. The math indicates that even if all 47 Democrats in the Senate vote to convict, 20 Republicans would still have to break ranks with their party and their base in order for the Dems' dream to actually materialize. Unlike the House vote on the articles of impeachment, the Senate vote that will ultimately exonerate the president is likely to be bipartisan, with at least one Senate Democrat voting against the president’s removal. [more...]

A Muslim "Holocaust Remembrance" Travesty
By Andrew Bostom

What ordinary, sensible Jews should "Never Forget" is that what passes for Jewish leadership proudly orchestrated the hideous spectacle of the Muslim World League’s Auschwitz pilgrimage. Whether one considers the masses of Muslims who have been flowing into Europe as (primarily) economic refugees, proud hijra colonists “quietly” Islamizing the continent, or both, these newly arrived votaries of Islam express an unabashed Islamic Jew-hatred. Their virulently anti-Jewish attitudes are consistent with the disproportionate, approximately three-fold increased rate of extreme Antisemitism among Western European Muslims, in general, relative to non-Muslims, just reported Nov. 21, 2019 in the latest comprehensive Anti-Defamation League survey findings. Germany's failed attempt to mollify this new Muslim immigrant animus toward Jews by "sensitivity" visits to Nazi-era concentration camp memorials demonstrates its deep-seated intractability. [more...]

Engendering Gender Dysphoria
By Karen Kataline

Does teaching "gender fluidity" produce gender dysphoria? The school board in Denver, Colorado recently passed a resolution requiring all district schools to provide at least one all-gender bathroom. The board also mandated speech by requiring staff to use students’ preferred names and pronouns regardless of their official names or gender. Additionally, the board said employees should not be disciplined for "disclosing their sexual orientation or gender identity in work-appropriate ways," and that "teachers and other staff should be allowed to hang a rainbow flag or other symbols that represent support for LGBT people." In a time when "Drag-queen Story Hour" is considered appropriate, it’s hard to tell what "work-appropriate" means to these activists. I wonder if children will be allowed to take a knee in protest of the rainbow flag. [more...]

By Christopher Markowski

On my new podcast: What we know today. How and why these things occur. China is going to have to change their ways or they will collapse. CNN is just plain gross. Huawei deal over 5G in the UK: what it means to the United States. Tech giants want to be regulated now, the nefarious reasoning why... [more...]

The Left is a Violent Contagion
By Lowell Ponte

Two stories dominate the news: the fast-spreading deadly disease from China, and the Left's attempt to impeach and remove President Trump. The two stories are more alike than you think. The leftist Democratic Party wants to regain power over the government, but as George Washington said, "Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force." Why are we surprised that the party of big government and its zealous followers talk of and employ force and violence against others? Such violence - including lethal threats and violence - are becoming epidemic in our culture... like the young man who days ago in Florida during a political argument stabbed his pro-Trump boss to death with a trowel. [more...]

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