Tuesday, February 11, 2020

2-11-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: Horowitz Freedom Center Plans Suit Against Claremont Colleges for Anti-Semitic Activities
2. Lowell Ponte: Four Possible Reasons Mitt Romney Betrayed the President
3. Andrew Bostom: "Abrahamic Dialogue" is Submission to Islam
4. Karen Kataline: A New Pattern in Endless Failed Attempts to Destroy Trump
5. Christopher Markowski: Another Insane Immigration Proposal from the Left

Horowitz Freedom Center Plans Suit Against Claremont Colleges for Anti-Semitic Activities
By David Horowitz

In a letter sent to the heads of Pitzer College and Pomona College in Southern California, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, acting with the Dhillon Law Group, put the Claremont Consortium of Colleges on notice that their promotion and funding of anti-Semitic speakers and events is a violation of federal law and will no longer be tolerated. Over the past several years, Pitzer, Pomona, and the other Claremont Colleges have repeatedly funded anti-Semitic rhetoric and displays on campus - largely organized by the Hamas-funded campus hate group Students for Justice in Palestine - which contribute to a hostile environment for Jewish students. [more...]

Four Possible Reasons Mitt Romney Betrayed the President
By Lowell Ponte

Why did Utah Senator Mitt Romney become the first Republican in history to vote to remove by impeachment the President of his own party? At least four reasons are possible: 1. Mitt envies and is jealous of President Trump, a non-politician who bested him as a businessman (becoming a billionaire while Mitt, a "vulture capitalist," never reached the billion-dollar success)... [more...]

"Abrahamic Dialogue" is Submission to Islam
By Andrew Bostom

"The Abrahamic Faiths Initiative serves as a powerful demonstration that, through fraternity, cooperation, and mutual respect between the Abrahamic faiths, peace in our world is possible," says U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Callista Gingrich. The late Professor Ismail al-Faruqi who was the Muslim godfather of the modern “Abrahamic faith” paradigm for interfaith dialogue, said that modern application of Islamic religious doctrine to "Abrahamic dialogue" has engendered a supremacist, jihadist and anti-Israel "interfaith" dialogue. An historian of Muslim relations with Jews and Christians, says, "Muslims, says al-Faruqi, believe in and will continue to strive for this unification of world religions until there is only one religion prevailing in the world, which is Islam." [more...]

A New Pattern in Endless Failed Attempts to Destroy Trump
By Karen Kataline

A new pattern seems to be emerging in the Democrat repertoire of endless, failed attempts to destroy President Trump and his mass of everyday American supporters. They want their candidates to move to the imaginary "middle" by claiming they are against Socialism. In a post-debate analysis, Chris Matthews said, "I've seen what socialism is like and I don’t like it." Maybe Matthews and his crew have been so busy trying to smear and remove Trump from office, they haven’t noticed that their party has been on a Socialist track for decades now. In recent years it has become a runaway train. Pardon me if I don’t trust Democrats who now say they don't like Socialism. Until now, they haven't cared if their candidates were Socialists, because most of them are. They just don't want them to say so. [more...]

Another Insane Immigration Proposal from the Left
By Christopher Markowski

The latest on my podcast: Phenomenal numbers once again. Labor participation rate ticks up. Wages increase. Trump acquittal speech could have been a Netflix comedy special (nowhere near as funny as Dave Chappelle, but better than many I have seen.). Another insane immigration proposal from the left... felons can stay! Radiation eating fungi at Chernobyl. Will Trump attack wasteful spending in his 2021 budget? [more...]

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