Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2-4-20 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: The Hate America Project
2. Lowell Ponte: Trump's Peace Plan - Palestinians' Last Chance for a Future
3. James Hirsen: Democrats Try to Undermine a Trump Acquittal
4. Andrew Bostom: A Sober Examination of Islam's Historical Treatment of Jews
5. Karen Kataline: Why are Democrats Willing to Destroy Themselves in Order to Destroy Trump?
6. Christopher Markowski: Everyone Gets a Participation Trophy in Iowa!

The Hate America Project
By David Horowitz

How the NY Times, the Pulitzer Foundation and America’s cultural elite have aimed a dagger at America’s heart.

It's time to recognize that the current ideologies of the progressive Left and the Democrat Party - cultural Marxism and identity politics - pose existential threats to America's survival. Inspired by identity politics, and leftist pie-in-the sky promises, the Democrat Party supports a pro-terrorist, Jew-hating caucus in the House, promotes lawlessness at the country’s borders, casually tolerates anti-white racism, and anti-male bigotry, and sponsors presidential candidates who want to criminalize free speech, rule by executive diktat and confiscate private wealth - and who are plausibly described as Rip Van Winkle Marxists whom the Communist horrors of the 20th Century seem to have passed by unnoticed. [more...]

Trump's Peace Plan - Palestinians' Last Chance for a Future
By Lowell Ponte

After three years of working on a Middle East peace plan, without any cooperation from the Palestinian Authority, President Trump announced details of his plan days ago. The Palestinians greeted his plan with protests, immediate rejection, and calls for a violent Jihad against Israel. This is no surprise. In 2000, after enormous pressure from then-President Bill Clinton, Israel's Labour-Left Prime Minister Ehud Barack offered the Palestinians a peace plan giving them 95 percent of everything their leader Yasser Arafat demanded. The Palestinians turned even this down - in part because any leader who made peace with Israel faced almost certain assassination. [more...]

Democrats Try to Undermine a Trump Acquittal
By James Hirsen

As the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump comes to a close, Democrat resistors are having a hard time coming to grips with an impending acquittal. Perturbed members of the opposition party have now chosen to engage in a smear campaign that characterizes the Senate proceedings as illegitimate. Using a worn-out playbook from past attacks, some of the more spiteful Dems are trying to massage the minds of a would-be unsuspecting public that the acquittal of President Trump somehow lacks legitimacy because of a supposed deficiency of witnesses or documents. [more...]

A Sober Examination of Islam's Historical Treatment of Jews

Andrew Bostom, M.D., an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Brown University has just released a second edition of his magnum opus, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History. It is a desperately needed corrective to the amnesia, ignorance, and self-destructive denial of reality that currently plagues much of Western Civilization and its Jewish community when it comes to Islam's historical treatment of Jews. Who should buy this book? Anyone who wants to understand the world as it is today in an unvarnished presentation, free of the distortions of political correctness; anyone who wants to understand the fundamental underpinnings of the genocidal war against Israel; anyone who wants to understand why Jews in Europe today are under siege... and anyone who wants to save American Jewry as it stands at a precipice while Islamic Jew-hatred in the world escalates frighteningly unchecked. [more...]

Why are Democrats Willing to Destroy Themselves in Order to Destroy Trump?
By Karen Kataline
It’s one heck of a week with the Iowa Caucuses, Trump’s State of the Union Speech on Tuesday, and his expected acquittal from Democrats’ Impeachment charges on Wednesday. By Thursday, we could see them roll out their newest Articles of Impeachment which have probably been in the works since Robert Mueller showed that he has the same great memory and lucidity as Joe Biden. In failed expedition number two (Let’s count the two-year 32-million-dollar Mueller investigation as failed expedition number one) Democrats claim that President Trump thought about committing the crime they concocted but even if they could read his mind, the crime never took place. If Trump didn’t get what he was supposedly pressuring Ukraine to give him, then Democrats tried to remove him for a thought crime. These are the same people who want to obliterate the First Amendment by fining citizens for using the "wrong" pronoun. [more...]

Everyone Gets a Participation Trophy in Iowa!
By Christopher Markowski

The latest on my podcast: The irony of what took place in Iowa can't be overstated. DNC in a panic over Sanders. The Rush Limbaugh cancer diagnosis. Where the hatred and anger comes from, my take on our "divided" nation. Coronavirus media narrative. Everything you wanted to know about Tesla's stock price but were afraid to ask. [more...]

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