Tuesday, October 13, 2020

10-13-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Kataline: Liberty is on the Ballot Nov. 3
2. James Hirsen: 'Never-Trumper' Means 'Always-Sellout'
3. Dr. Jerome Corsi: Dollar Crashing to Zero under Unsustainable Amount of Debt
4. Dr. Steve Turley: Biden Campaign Collapsing as Rigged Polls Revealed to be Fake
5. Andrew Puzder: WHO Reverses Position on Lockdowns
6. Patrick Wood: Google is Giving Search Keyword Data to Police

Liberty is on the Ballot Nov. 3
By Karen Kataline

Some would defend socialism as the best way to "take care of the needy." But only those who desperately want to amass power take it away from others. They will do anything to convince the supremely naive that socialism is the better and more humane way. Everything will be fine. No one will go hungry and the "needy" will be taken care of when they're in charge. Of course, they get to decide who's needy and who's not. Prosperity in a free economy is not the zero sum game the left would have you believe, but Liberty itself just might be. Those who love liberty know that they must protect it not only for themselves but for those too naive to know that it is in grave danger. Our freedom depends on others to refrain from using government as their proxy to take it away. That’s what's on the ballot November 3. [more...]

'Never-Trumper' Means 'Always-Sellout'
By James Hirsen

The term "sellout" can be used to describe someone who is willing to trade his or her deep personal convictions in exchange for some momentary fame or short-lived gain. It is also a word that can aptly apply to the "never-Trumpers" of today's politically fractured society; i.e., those who steadfastly maintain a hate-filled mindset and who indulge in retaliatory thoughts and behavior. In my estimation, never-Trumpers are merely your average everyday garden-variety leftists. What is not your average everyday nugget of info, though, is the fact that never-Trumpers receive their money from uber-wealthy leftists. [more...]

Dollar Crashing to Zero under Unsustainable Amount of Debt
By Dr. Jerome Corsi

The U.S. dollar has joined other major currencies in a race to zero value as central banks are failing, unable to preserve purchasing power in fiat currency that has lost 100% of its value since the U.S. went completely off of the gold standard under President Nixon in 1971. The U.S. dollar, along with other major currencies around the globe, has lost over 90 percent of its value since 1971. The sad truth in this same time frame, U.S. national debt has on the average doubled every 8 years since Reagan assumed the presidency in 1981. Even more alarming, the Congressional Budget Organization (CBO) published a study last month that reported the national debt will rise to nearly twice the U.S. total economic output in 2050, an increase from less than 80 percent since last year. [more...]

Biden Campaign Collapsing as Rigged Polls Revealed to be Fake
By Dr. Steve Turley

If rally attendance for each of the candidates were all we had to go by in assessing the state of this election, it would be forecasted as the single biggest blowout in the history of American politics. Perhaps one of the most depressing pictures of late was a photo snapped of the audience in attendance at a Biden rally in Eerie, Pennsylvania; the rally drew only 12 to 20 people, and that included Biden's staff. It actually gets worse. On Thursday of last week, both Biden and Harris held a campaign event in Phoenix, Arizona; it was touted by the mainstream media as evidence that Biden is making significant inroads into states that Trump won in 2016. However, virtually all of the reporting failed to mention one little inconvenient truth: only eight people showed up to the event. Even a local news reporter had to admit that it was getting pretty boring being out there. [more...]

WHO Reverses Position on Lockdowns
By Andrew Puzder

WHO Special Envoy on COVID-19 - WHO does "not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus." They "have one consequence that you must never ever belittle and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer," as President Trump has warned for months. [more...] Check out Andrew's latest Broadside: It's Time to Let America Work Again

Google is Giving Search Keyword Data to Police
By Patrick Wood

Google is providing information to police based on what people are searching for, including data like IP addresses. There are few things as revealing as a person's search history, and police typically need a warrant on a known suspect to demand that sensitive information. But a recently unsealed court document found that investigators can request such data in reverse order by asking Google to disclose everyone who searched a keyword rather than for information on a known suspect. [more...]

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