Friday, October 30, 2020

I Want My Vote Back

Looking back on the 2020 election, historians may conclude that the greatest wrong in this nation-rending event was not that millions of illegitimate votes were cast, or that millions of mail-in ballots went undelivered by members of the Joe Biden-endorsing letter carriers union.

The greatest wrong may have been to trick voters into casting their ballots days, weeks, or even months before November 3, 2020.

This has caused a “premature election,” an Alice-in-Wonderland upside-down contest where people voted first, then watched debates and learned about the candidates afterwards. Biden has hidden from tough questions and refused to say honestly what he would do as president. In 2020, widespread fear of leftist mobs and Red Chinese microorganisms made democracy absurd.

For those who believe in the Latin democratic dogma Vox Populi, Vox Dei, “the voice of the People is the voice of God,” Election Day used to be a secular “holy day.”

Neighbors would gather at their polling place and share in the voting ritual proving that we each had an equal voice in selecting and directing the government that rules over us. By this ritual we affirmed America.

The Democratic Party, which ought to favor democracy, hated voluntary voting. Their voters, like their party’s jackass symbol, were hard to motivate. Bad weather elected Republicans, whose voters went to the polls rain or shine while many Democrats did not.

Democrat apparatchiks proposed ways to change this, such as making voting mandatory and non-voting a crime.

When the fearful COVID pandemic hit, the Obama-Biden Administration’s former Attorney General Eric Holder declared that it could forever change the way Americans vote and help Democrats.

Why risk catching your death in a crowded, virus-contaminated polling place if you could instead fill out your ballot in the safety of your own home and mail it in weeks before the election deadline?

In 2020, Democrats desperately wanted people to do this, and not just because it should increase the number of Democrat voters. This would allow for the time of voting to expand from one day to weeks or more, which meant more low-information, party-line voters.

This would also subtly transform elections by forcing candidates to spread their advertising dollars over weeks and months of voting.

The giant party incumbents have lots of money, but newcomer candidates with new ideas often do not; such newcomers used to compete by putting all their money into ads just before election day. But now there is no “Election Day.”

Democrats and their leftist media comrades also relentlessly told people to “vote early... don’t wait,” because they knew a dark secret. Investigations into former Vice President Biden’s corruption would soon be revealed – carrying enough evidence of criminal wrongdoing to sink Biden’s prospects.

Biden desperately had to win the election with ballots already mailed in before voters learned of his corruption, a story suppressed by leftist media.

By Tuesday a week before November 3, nearly 70 million voters had already mailed their ballots.

A growing clamor, however, is rising from Americans with “voter remorse,” like one who told me, “I feel duped and conned. My vote was stolen! They knew Biden had sold out our country to Communist China, but all they told me was to vote for Biden immediately. I want my vote back so I can cast it for Trump. I want a do-over!”

In many states, your early ballot is final. But in the 2016 election it turned out that in at least seven lucky states you can change your early vote – in Wisconsin, for example, up to three times.

According to CNN, other such states are Minnesota, Michigan, New York, Mississippi, and Connecticut. Connecticut allowed each town to decide whether or not it allowed voting do-overs. Washington State also might permit this. If you wish to re-vote, check what your state or city allows and, as President Donald Trump advises, “Go do it!”

The right of a citizen to re-do a mail-in vote is as fundamental as the right to vote itself. This reform, which technology makes relatively easy, should become law immediately, in time for the 2020 election.

Pennsylvania allowed no re-voting, reported Business Insider, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said it did. The all-Democrat Pennsylvania Supreme Court days ago ruled that a mail-in ballot may count even if its voter signature does not match and it has no clear postmark date. Eliminating such safeguards invites massive vote fraud in 2020’s biggest battleground state.

A “dark winter” is coming, says Joe Biden. If he becomes president, America will plunge into a new Dark Age of feudal serfdom. We serfs may henceforth vote easily by mail, but, as in 2016, our globalist leftist rulers will refuse to surrender their dictatorial power.

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