Tuesday, December 29, 2020

12-29-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: The Post-Election Deception

2. Michael Rectenwald: The Great Reset Pt. II - Corporate Socialism

3. Karen Kataline: Masks Work - But only as Tools for Institutionalized Tyranny

4. Dr. Jerome Corsi: The MAGA Party Demands a Second Term for President Trump

5. Daniel Greenfield: The Disenfranchised American Voter

The Post-Election Deception

By James Hirsen

As explained by the U.S. Department of Defense, psychological operations, frequently referred to as PSYOP, are a means of communication used to "convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals." In other words, PSYOP are used to relay certain information to governments, groups, and/or the public in order to elicit a desired predetermined response. Although the "Year of the Pandemic" is about to come to a close, there are few, if any, who would be able to claim that they have escaped the PSYOP reach. [more...]

The Great Reset Pt. II - Corporate Socialism

By Michael Rectenwald

As I noted in the previous installment, the Great Reset, if its architects have their way, would involve transformations of nearly every aspect of life. Here, I will limit my discussion to the economics of the Great Reset as promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), as well as to recent developments that have advanced these plans. [more...]

Masks Work - But only as Tools for Institutionalized Tyranny

By Karen Kataline

I've written, I've ranted, I've advocated for civil disobedience. More information continues to roll out about the uselessness of masks to contain the virus.  Yet, they continue to prove their high effectiveness in promoting collectivism and obedience. There are some really enormous elephants in the middle of our living rooms. Masks have become an institution, just as their proponents had intended them to be. If you did any shopping in actual stores this holiday season, you certainly know that. [more...]

The MAGA Party Demands a Second Term for President Trump

By Dr. Jerome Corsi

The avalanche of election fraud proof continues to cascade down upon America. Did Obama use the fraudulent election he helped engineer with his Marxist cousin in Kenya in 2007 as the template for the U.S. presidential election 2020? Violence, threats, rigged voting... after all, as Communist tyrant Joseph Stalin said, it doesn’t matter who votes, all that matters is who counts the votes. In this case, the votes were cast, manipulated, and counted by elements of the vast Army of Darkness. As the MAGA Party movement gains momentum, it is time for American patriots to take back their electoral process and the country itself from the dirty clutches of the demonic and treasonous Left. [more...]

The Disenfranchised American Voter

By Daniel Greenfield

When the Constitution formed this nation, we were a country of around 4 million. But in 2020 at least 74 million Americans have had their votes tossed in the trash along with the Constitution. More Americans had their votes discarded, stolen, nullified, corrupted, and obstructed in this election than existed in the entire United States when it fought for its independence from monarchy and tyranny, when it brought into being a "more perfect union," when it expanded westward, and when brother against brother fought in a civil war to preserve that union. There were more Americans who voted for President Trump than were living in the United States in 1890. The entire nation, as it was in 1890, had its vote usurped by a corrupt oligarchy. While the battles go on across cable news and social media, these are the forgotten. [more...]

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