Tuesday, January 5, 2021

1-5-21 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Andrew Pollack: Our Health Officials Have Literally Lied to Us in Order to Kill Us

2. Nikki Goeser: After Killing Her Husband, Inmate Sends Love Letters to Tennessee Woman, Feds Say

3. James Hirsen: 'The Great Reset' is Huxley's 'Brave New World'

4. Michael Rectenwald: The Great Reset Pt. III - Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics

5. Karen Kataline: Historic January 2021

6. Lowell Ponte: China Ascends as Xi's Lackey Enters the White House

Our Health Officials Have Literally Lied to Us in Order to Kill Us

By Andrew Pollack, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center

Anthony Fauci is a liar. We know this because he has told us so. Fauci told us that masks don’t work. His exact words were: “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” Then he told us that everyone should wear masks. He then explained that he was lying when he said we shouldn’t, apparently in order to preserve masks for medical professionals. Fauci told us that to get to herd immunity, maybe 60 percent of Americans would need to be vaccinated. Then he told us that nearly 90 percent would need to take the vaccine. He then explained that he really thought 90 percent the whole time but was lying to the American people earlier based on what he thought they could handle. Despite these lies, Fauci remains a sort of cultic hero figure to millions of American liberals. Some people, I guess, don’t mind being lied to as long as it’s being done for their own good.  [more...]

After Killing Her Husband, Inmate Sends Love Letters to Tennessee Woman, Feds Say

Twelve years ago, Nikki Goeser watched helplessly as a stalker murdered her husband in cold blood. Tragically, at the time, she was a concealed carry permit holder, but state law forbade her from bringing her firearm into the restaurant where her husband was killed. “It changed my life totally,” Goeser said. A man convicted of murder and imprisoned in Tennessee spent years penning love letters and hand-drawn holiday cards to his victim's widow, prosecutors said. She didn't know him, other than as her husband's alleged killer - nor did she know about the overtures. Now Hank Wise, 55, is charged with stalking and faces an additional five years tacked on to his sentence if he's found guilty, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Tennessee said Tuesday in a news release. Goeser wrote about her experience in her book, Stalked and Defenseless. She wants to save others from the suffering she endured after gun control laws left her defenseless. Nikki Goeser is the Executive Director of the Crime Prevention Research Center. [more...]

'The Great Reset' is Huxley's 'Brave New World'

By James Hirsen

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the WEF, recently wrote an article titled "2021 should be year of the 'Great Reset.'" In the article, Schwab proposed that 2021 be designated as the new "Year Zero." Eerily, the model that the Davos elites are proposing is strikingly similar to the one that Huxley previewed for us all. One word, albeit unspoken, hangs over all of the cunningly crafted phrases that describe The Great Reset. That word is control. The final outcome that promoters of The Great Reset envision is one of a highly regulated society, a massively intrusive government, the annihilation of individual liberties, and a centrally planned economy. [more...]

The Great Reset Pt. III - Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics

By Michael Rectenwald

The title of this essay represents a play on the Chinese Communist Party’s description of its economy. Several decades ago, when China’s growing reliance on the for-profit sectors of its economy could no longer be credibly denied by the CCP, its leadership approved the slogan “socialism with Chinese characteristics” to describe the Chinese economic system. Formulated by Deng Xiaoping, the phrase became an essential component the CCP’s attempt to rationalize Chinese capitalist development under a socialist-communist political system. [more...]

Historic January 2021

By Karen Kataline

I have continued to ponder why any conservative would call for Trump to concede at precisely the most important moment in his stunning tenure thus far. This will be the decisive moment and they're bailing? Is it because these politicians and pundits don't see or agree with the "do or die" situation we are in?  I wonder if those with the most political experience have the hardest time recognizing a completely unique situation because that experience clouds their judgement rather than informs it. This alone doesn't make me correct, but it does seem to be a major dividing line among people of good will. I believe this is the "do or die" moment. Communists will either strike the final blow to America, or Donald Trump against all odds, will save our country and by extension, the free world from tyranny. [more...]

China Ascends as Xi's Lackey Enters the White House

By Lowell Ponte

January 2021 could be a transformative and terrible moment in humankind's history. In the 20th century, the United States was the dominant power on Earth. But if Joe Biden becomes the "free" world's president, he will be a sock puppet controlled by our real new ruler, Communist China's dictator, Xi Jinping. [more...]

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