Thursday, June 3, 2021

6-3-21 Fabulous Guests for Your Show

1. Judd Dunning: Reject Biden's Divisive Call for 'Needle in Every Arm'

2. David Horowitz: Space Force Lt. Col.: American Military are Being Brainwashed with Hard-core Marxist Ideas

3. Patrick Wood: Fauci, the Global Warming Fraud, Pipeline Hack and more...

4. James Hirsen: Dennis Quaid's 'Blue Miracle'

5. Monsignor Franco on China, Trump and Christianity in America

Reject Biden's Divisive Call for 'Needle in Every Arm'

By Judd Dunning

As captains of our own ships, we must counter the highly politicized liberal media and big tech disinformation campaign. Smears of racism, Trumpism and vaxism must be dealt with. The left knows they can gain greater power, influence and money though continued division. The newest best-yielding division for doing so lies now between the ''vaxxed'' and "non-vaxxed.'' This intentional creation of two vaccination classes of Americans in our once class-free society must be stopped at all costs. Americans across the aisle must cease obsessing over vaccination statuses, passports and anything else tearing us further apart. We must reject President Joe Biden's divisive call for a "needle in every arm" and move on. [more...]

Space Force Lt. Col.: American Military are Being Brainwashed with Hard-core Marxist Ideas

By David Horowitz, Author of The Enemy Within

Norwegian writer, Bruce Bawer has written a very important article and I'm proud to be able to tell you about it and the hero of his article here. "Last month, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, the commander of a Colorado-based Space Force squadron, published a book entitled Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military. On May 7, podcaster L. Todd Wood posted an interview with Lohmeier about the book."

"In their 34-minute exchange, Lohmeier - a former Air Force fighter pilot and flight instructor who, at Space Force, was in charge of detecting ballistic missile launches - exuded decency, rectitude, and a deep respect for the uniformed services. He didn’t criticize anybody by name; he only made frankly undeniable statements about the Marxist nature of some of the ideas that are now being taught to U.S. servicepeople. It was crystal clear that in speaking out, he was convinced he was doing his patriotic duty.

"A week to the day after the interview was posted, Lohmeier's superiors abruptly relieved him of his command. A Space Force spokesperson announced that an investigation had been initiated into whether Lohmeier's comments on the podcast 'constituted prohibited partisan political activity.' In fact, the entire point of Lohmeier’s commentary was that members of the American military are today being brainwashed with hard-core Marxist ideas that not only constitute partisan political activity but seek to demonize the country the military is supposed to be defending. As for Lohmeier's own comments, there was nothing remotely partisan or political about them – unless you consider it partisan or political to be a patriot. [more...]

Fauci, the Global Warming Fraud, Pipeline Hack and more...

By Patrick Wood

We live in an age of global deception and delusion of Biblical proportions. Lying is a way of life. Deceiving is taken to the level of an art form. Debauchery and corruption are everywhere. The slick propaganda that promises to eliminate poverty, create wonderful jobs with dignity and bring lasting peace to the world has more in common with a pile of horse manure than lasting solutions. I stated in early 2020 that the 'Great Panic of 2020' was the start of Technocracy's coup d'├ętat. It was global in scope, horribly damaging to the global economy and ripped the fabric of societal status quo to shreds. All of this was supposedly caused by an unseen enemy. And now, the "scientists" behind it, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, are proven to be frauds and hucksters whose science has been discredited as "pseudo-science" at best. [more...]

Dennis Quaid's 'Blue Miracle'

By James Hirsen

Dennis Quaid is one of the rarest of Hollywood celebrities. Quaid has chosen to be a vital part of Hollywood's subcategory of movies, faith-based films, taking on major roles in movies such as "Soul Surfer" and "I Can Only Imagine." In the process, via his participation in uplifting projects, he has established quite a track record within the faith film genre as a verifiably bankable star. He is presently the co-star of a yet another more recent redemptive project, the newly released film, "Blue Miracle." The script is based upon the true story of a Christian orphanage in Mexico, which suffers from severe financial troubles. In a recent discussion of the film, Quaid spoke about his faith and how the virtue of humility unlocks "God's miracles." [more...]

Monsignor Franco on China, Trump and Christianity in America

Monsignor Hilary C. Franco [Advisor at the Permanent Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations] has written an engaging memoir - SIX POPES: A Son of the Church Remembers. It is written by a priest who rose to work with the highest and most influential figures of the Roman Catholic Church. He speaks of Pope John Paul, Benedict and now Francis opening up China to the Church. There has been some criticism that the deal the Vatican did with China was not a strong one, which he can explain. When he served as a Pastor in New York, he met businessman Donald Trump and knew him well. America seems so divided today; he reflects on how people of all faiths can put these differences aside - and much more... [more...]

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