Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Space Force Lt. Col.: American Military are Being Brainwashed with Hard-core Marxist Ideas

By David Horowitz, Author of The Enemy Within

Norwegian writer, Bruce Bawer has written a very important article and I'm proud to be able to tell you about it and the hero of his article here. "Last month, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, the commander of a Colorado-based Space Force squadron, published a book entitled Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military. On May 7, podcaster L. Todd Wood posted an interview with Lohmeier about the book."

"In their 34-minute exchange, Lohmeier - a former Air Force fighter pilot and flight instructor who, at Space Force, was in charge of detecting ballistic missile launches - exuded decency, rectitude, and a deep respect for the uniformed services. He didn’t criticize anybody by name; he only made frankly undeniable statements about the Marxist nature of some of the ideas that are now being taught to U.S. servicepeople. It was crystal clear that in speaking out, he was convinced he was doing his patriotic duty.

"A week to the day after the interview was posted, Lohmeier's superiors abruptly relieved him of his command. A Space Force spokesperson announced that an investigation had been initiated into whether Lohmeier's comments on the podcast 'constituted prohibited partisan political activity.' In fact, the entire point of Lohmeier’s commentary was that members of the American military are today being brainwashed with hard-core Marxist ideas that not only constitute partisan political activity but seek to demonize the country the military is supposed to be defending. As for Lohmeier's own comments, there was nothing remotely partisan or political about them – unless you consider it partisan or political to be a patriot.

"On the one hand, Lohmeier’s dismissal is a disgrace. On the other hand, what better way to draw attention to the supremely urgent message of his book – a truly sensational exposé that should be read by everyone who cares about America's fate in this perilous era of woke insanity." [more...]

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