Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3-27-12 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dave Bego: Right to Work On the Move
2. Doug Johnson: Jeb Bush Makes Recommendation That Will Cost the GOP the 2012 Election
3. James Hirsen: 'The Hunger Games' Propels Lionsgate
4. Christopher Markowski: America, Get Ready for Another Bailout: Student Loan Debt Debacle
5. Dr. Elaina George: Obamacare = Corporate Driven Medical Serfdom

Right to Work On the Move
By Dave Bego

Recent polls indicate Americans are fed up with Big Labor’s schoolyard bully tactics and their utilization of taxpayer money to support political candidates and liberal agendas. Additionally, Americans are tired of government deficits driven by public sector pay, overblown benefits, and restrictive work rules.  Americans, including union rank and file members, are tired of Big Labor’s attempt to deprive them of basic freedoms and utilize union/membership dues to achieve their political goals. They voiced their displeasure in the November 2010 election. In states like Indiana, elected officials have heard the people’s mandate and passed "Right to Work" legislation (RTW) that will provide each and every individual the right to personally decide if they wish to be represented by a union, without fearing the threat of reprisal. What could be more American than the freedom of choice? [more...]

Jeb Bush Makes Recommendation That Will Cost the GOP the 2012 Election
By Doug Johnson
Jeb Bush showed his true colors this week, illustrating to any thinking conservative Republican or Independent that they should be wary of his advice. His answers regarding the GOP primary race are a plan for disaster. Bush called on Mitt Romney’s competitors to drop out of the race and support Romney. According to an article by Salena Zito in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, GOP strategist Bruce Haynes said that Bush’s statement was "...literally the sound of the referee’s whistle calling the game to an end." The article also quoted Haynes as saying, "When you have New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, it makes Republican ears perk up." [more...]

'The Hunger Games' Propels Lionsgate
By James Hirsen

In the entertainment world, Lionsgate generally has been known as the independent studio that has distributed Tyler Perry’s movies and produced the "Saw" franchise. Up until now the company’s top-grossing film had been Michael Moore’s "Fahrenheit 9/11," which took in $119.2 million. Now Lionsgate’s "The Hunger Games" has shattered industry expectations for an opening weekend, with $155 million, according to studio estimates. [more...]

America, Get Ready for Another Bailout: Student Loan Debt Debacle
By Christopher Markowski

FACT: Student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion; FACT: One in four student borrowers are behind on payments. Get ready for a politically opportunistic bailout. I will discuss the effect that student loans have on the housing market and the overhaul economic health for future generations. I will pick apart the entire higher education industry in “hedge funds with tax exempt status.”

Obamacare = Corporate Driven Medical Serfdom
By Dr. Elaina George

For those who continue to delude themselves that Obamacare will lead them to the healthcare land of milk and honey, I have some news for you - it's never going to happen. Critical thinking would lead one to the conclusion that there is no way to add 30 million more people to a system that is already fundamentally broken. There have been many arguments used to sell Obamcare to the public. Much of it has been disingenuous, peddled not by doctors who are on the front line taking care of patients to the best of their ability, but by corporate interests that stand to gain from profits gleaned from the practice of corporate disease driven medicine, e.g., the pharmaceutical industry, the American Medical Association, AARP, The Hospital Corporation of America, and various unions. [more...]

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