Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3-28-12 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Elaina George: Is Obamacare a Trojan Horse?
2. James Hirsen: Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama Is No Ordinary Socialist
4. Richard Bernstein: What America Needs to Know About Obamacare
5. Will McAndrew: Obama’s Big Oil Drilling Lie

Is Obamacare a Trojan Horse?
By Dr. Elaina George

Obamacare has become one of the most polarizing pieces of legislation ever passed. There was so much heat surrounding its passage that people got caught up and blinded by the rhetoric. On one hand, we were told that it had to be passed because uninsured people were practically dying in the streets, while greedy doctors were performing unnecessary tests, amputating feet, and taking out tonsils in their unending quest to make as much money as possible. The initial premise that the problem with healthcare was because of the uninsured was a lie. Because of the emergency medical treatment and active labor act (EMTALA) passed in 1986, no one in this country whether a citizen or not can be denied healthcare. Unfortunately, the uninsured meme was repeated by proponents of the bill and amplified by the corporate main stream media to such an extent that it became a “truth.” [more...]

Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan
By James Hirsen

Jane Fonda has been cast in the role of former First Lady Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film from Lee Daniels called “The Butler,” which is about a longtime White House service worker. Daniels directed the Academy Award winning film “Precious.” Fonda, well known for her Oscar-winning performances, health and fitness videos, and controversial political activism, will portray former President Ronald Reagan’s wife. Fonda’s liberal activism runs contrary to the policies and ideology embodied in the Reagan legacy, particularly in her famed denunciation of the Vietnam War and the photo-op in which she sat with the enemy. [more...]

Obama Is No Ordinary Socialist
By Wayne Allyn Root

One of socialism’s central tenets is demonization of the wealthy. Sound familiar? Obama plays the game of class warfare like no politician in history. His entire agenda is about targeting, demonizing, denigrating and punishing the rich. For Obama hunting the rich is a sport. Another central tenet of socialism is redistribution of wealth, accomplished in several ways. First, raise taxes to outlandish levels. A socialist thinks that what is yours belongs to the state. If Obama has his way, we’ll all be paying tax rates in the range of 70 percent or higher, while losing all deductions. Obama’s answer for every problem is taxes. Every speech is about taxes. Every State of the Union is about taxes. Some people play golf, others play tennis. Obama’s hobby is raising taxes. [more...]

What America Needs to Know About Obamacare
By Richard Bernstein

Here are four points for the next four years of Obamacare that every American needs to know:  1. Obamacare has not been defeated and is not fully in effect. For Americans that think that they’ve seen the worst of Obamacare, remember that the most onerous of government regulations are yet to come.  2. The government has admitted to faulty accounting on the healthcare law.  3. Too much power in the federal government’s hands. 4. Dangerous Side Effects. ...The best news is it’s not too late. The Supreme Court may strike this law down, but most signs point to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act still retaining many of its core features. More than 50% of the states have legally contested its validity. We don’t know what the outcome will be upon repeal or reelection. Congress can still take action, and if they don’t Americans can elect new leaders who will. [more...]

Obama’s Big Oil Drilling Lie
By Will McAndrew

Back in January, President Obama made a claim that he was going to open up 75% of offshore and millions of acres of federal land for domestic oil exploration. That sounded, great didn't it? Then again, we have to remember that this is the government. As we dig a little deeper, we’ve found out that the federal lands they want to open up have very little oil in the ground, if any at all. It's no wonder that domestic oil production from federal lands is down. Under the Obama administration, from its height in 2010, production on federal lands is down some 275,000 barrels a day, according to the Congressional Research Service. The administration will try to take credit for overall oil production in the U.S. increasing by 230,000 barrels per day since the president took office in 2009. However, when you see that we’ve been losing production from federal lands, it becomes easy to see that the increase in production is from technology advances in drilling efficiency and not the government increasing supply. [more...]

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