Thursday, May 3, 2012

5-3-12 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: MoveOn's Quest to Outlaw the Term "Illegal Immigrant"
2. Christopher Markowski: America, We Have a Problem
3. Steve Gill: Would Condi Rice be a "Game Changer" As Romney's Veep?
4. Richard Bernstein: Health Law Aims to Close Gender Gap

MoveOn's Quest to Outlaw the Term "Illegal Immigrant"

A video posted last week at’s website charges that calling illegal immigrants “illegal” fits the definition of a hate crime and calls for the word “illegal” to be abolished when describing individuals entering the United States illegally. They would prefer using adjectives such as “undocumented” immigrants or “unauthorized” immigrants. That is sort of like calling a bank robber an unauthorized withdrawer. How about working to eliminate incentives for the illegal behavior itself rather than focus on banning its correct characterization? [more...]

America, We Have a Problem

The high priests of the Social Security and Medicare "trust funds" (whatever happened to the lockbox?) issued new warnings about the solvency of the "trust funds" they oversee. The Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund will be gone, depleted, kaput in 2016, which is two years earlier than expected. Thank you, masters of the obvious! Matt Rutledge, a research economist at Boston College's Center for Retirement Research, stated in Investor's Business Daily: "We see a lot of people applying for disability once their unemployment insurance expires." Next shoe to drop: The Social Security trust fund, which goes to retirees, will be exhausted in 2036, two years earlier than projected last year. This, once again, should not be a surprise to anyone who pays any sort of attention to our fiscal situation, because like clockwork, every year, the death date for the lockbox gets moved closer. [more...]

Would Condi Rice be a "Game Changer" As Romney's Veep?

She has an 80% approval rating, according to CNN, and has been dubbed a “game changer” by some pundits. Many among the GOP elite believe Rice would add some “spice” to the Romney ticket, but most think he will go the “safer” route with someone like Ohio Senator Rob Portman. If Romney were to ask, would she say yes? If she said yes, would the GOP conservative base respond with excitement or anger? There are a lot of positives to a potential Romney-Rice ticket. [more...]

Health Law Aims to Close Gender Gap

Florida women who don't get health insurance through an employer can forget about finding a single comprehensive medical plan that will pay for their care while they deliver a baby. Expanded access to maternity insurance is one of the provisions tucked into the 2,700-page law that is the Affordable Care Act. Maternity care grabbed few headlines as Congress spent 18 months wrangling over the legislation and when 26 states, led by Florida, challenged the law. But now the fate of that rule as well as dozens of others is unclear as the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether to strike down the law, which requires virtually every American to buy health insurance. Florida women who want to be mothers and can't get insurance through an employer or qualify for income-based aid have no choice but to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket. [more...]

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