Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5-9-12 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Doug Johnson: Can Romney Hold His 10 Point Lead Against Obama With Independents?
2. Dave Bego: Lunch Pail Republicans
3. Will McAndrew: Global Oil Price Drop Creates American Opportunity
4. Sarah Stern: The Obama Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Issue
5. Richard Bernstein: Bill Clinton is Right on America
6. Tony Katz: A Job for Occupier Harrison Schultz

Can Romney Hold His 10 Point Lead Against Obama With Independents?

Romney can attract more Independents than Obama because even though Romney is a moderate, conservative Independents will easily choose him over Obama. For some time the left has figured that Romney was the easiest candidate for Obama to beat. After all, Romney is a moderate by record and the left was sure that conservatives would never embrace him. But they missed something that may be playing in Romney’s favor. Democrats believe that Independents are primarily left-leaning, but they are wrong. [more...]

Lunch Pail Republicans

On the eve of the Indiana primary, it has become evident that Big Labor has taken the position “if you can’t beat them, infiltrate them!” The actions of the Lunch Pail Republicans provide further evidence of this position. Illinois IUOE Local 150 Chieftain David Fagan created an anti-Right To Work organization he calls "Lunch Pail Republicans." They claimed to have formed under the motto “We are Indiana Republicans who are focused on providing for ourselves and our families, protecting our rights and our property from intrusion.” Yet the LPR’s mission is to return the power of union officials and to forcibly confiscate individual employees’ paychecks, contradicting their own introduction. [more...]

Global Oil Price Drop Creates American Opportunity

After watching France elect their first “Socialist” leader in 17 years, global oil markets are falling. It’s no big surprise; Capitalism doesn’t think too fondly of its socialist counterpart. That’s why oil prices fell as much as 3.2 percent after France elected Francois Hollande as its new president. As the European debt crisis escalates, more countries are starting to reject necessary austerity programs geared toward reducing spending and running a fiscally sound operation. The masses are actually calling for more government spending and more money printing. What the masses do not understand is that falling oil prices, and for that matter falling commodity prices, present a major opportunity for the United States. [more...]

The Obama Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Issue
By Sarah Stern, Founder and President of the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET)

Last week, the Obama administration freed up $192 million in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority that had been put on hold by the United States Congress's Committee of Foreign Operations Appropriations, saying that this money had to be given to the P.A. "because of national security interests." The hold had been put on this aid because of the Palestinian Authority’s decision to go outside of the framework that had been agreed for Palestinian statehood, which was supposed to have been decided by direct face-to-face negotiations between the parties, themselves, and by incremental stages in which mutual trust was supposed to have been built up. [more...]

Bill Clinton is Right on America

This week I had the honor of attending a speech by Former President Bill Clinton who spoke to the Advanced Association of Life Underwriters in Washington, D.C. I was expecting to hear a very partisan speech, especially in an election year. Instead, his was a speech that our current presidential candidates should be giving. Bill Clinton spoke about uniting America and moving past the politics of division. [more...]

A Job for Occupier Harrison Schultz

Occupy spokesman and wannabe bon vivant Harrison Schultz went on the Hannity TV show, and, amidst attacking Capitalism and insulting host Sean Hannity for having someone like himself on the program, stated that he has been looking for a job “online” but has been unable to find anything. Tony Katz found a job for him on in less than six minutes. [more...]

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