Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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"Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin's Left Embraces Chaos" - An expose

The demonstrations and chaos that followed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s introduction of budget reforms – later known as Act 10 – were a preview of what was to come from the orchestrated Occupy Wall Street protests. The protests in Madison had it all, except for Occupy’s numerous rapes, of course. has produced an exclusive video report disclosing who and what were behind the massive demonstrations, the occupation of the Capitol in Madison, and extreme tactics employed to stop Walker’s reforms from being enacted. [more...]

Latest report focuses on questionable labor spending in Minneapolis

Across the nation, public school districts are struggling to balance their budgets while maintaining quality programs for students. That's the case in Minneapolis, where the district laid off employees last year to help overcome a $20 million budget shortfall, and plans to spend about $20 million from its fund reserve this year to meet rising costs. [more...]

Report: Wealthy teacher union leaders are part of the hated 1 percent

Teacher union leaders are pushing for higher taxes on the wealthy – also known as “the 1%” – to help bail out the nation’s public schools, many of which spend 80 percent of their budgets on Big Labor costs. But individual taxpayers aren’t the teacher unions’ only tax targets. A few weeks ago, the National Education Association began a lavish media campaign to close seven corporate tax loopholes it says would generate over a trillion dollars that could then be poured down the rat hole, commonly known as K-12 spending. [more...]

Anti-bully activist attacks Christians at high school journalism conference

An anti-bullying speaker at the recent National High School Journalism Conference used his keynote address to deliver a blistering attack on Christians and the Bible. The attack came from noted sex advice columnist and anti-bully advocate Dan Savage, who on an earlier occasion has publicly wished all Republicans were “f****** dead.” [more...]

Louisiana trying to dump tenured bus drivers (that's right, tenured bus drivers)

It's hard enough to get rid of a bad school teacher who's protected by tenure. Can you imagine a school district being stuck with a staff of tenured bus drivers? That's the case in Louisiana, where the Terrabonne Parish school district recently was forced to spend $14,000 on a lengthy tenure dispute involving a school bus driver. [more...]

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