Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6-19-12 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Al Fadi: The Egyptian Election: Who's the Winner?
2. Wayne Allyn Root: How Romney Can Win the Presidency - This Week
3. Doug Johnson: Restoring America: What's Fair?

The Egyptian Election: Who's the Winner?

Since the start of the Egyptian revolution in January 2012, which resulted in the ousting of the Mubarak regime, all eyes and ears are on the hope of establishing a new government to be elected by the Egyptian people for the first time in their history since the fall of its Monarchy over sixty years ago. This revolution resulted in the establishment of a new parliament elected by the people, followed by a new presidential election process. Both resulted in the overpowering of the Islamists who dominated almost 70% of the parliament, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood as one of the candidates for the office of the presidency. Just as hope for a new democratic era began to rise, shocking events took place to put a dent in the process. The first round of the presidential election resulted in two top candidates: a Muslim Brotherhood member and a former Mubarak official. Both are a serious setback for a revolution that hoped for democracy. [more...]

How Romney Can Win the Presidency - This Week

Obama believes he has “checked” Romney with Latino voters with his latest announcement. He will walk on the stage in Orlando at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials conference to a thunderous hero’s welcome. He will discuss how Latino youth brought illegally to this country - through no fault of their own - will no longer have to lie awake at night fearing deportation to a strange country they no longer recognize. And he we will receive a standing ovation. Mitt Romney must walk onto that same stage and upstage Obama. This is the place and time for the announcement of the year. Mitt Romney coolly steps up to the microphone and says, “It’s time for a Latino to join a Presidential ticket. It’s time for the fastest growing group in America to have a seat at the table of power, to have a voice in the White House. Today... right here... right now... I’m going to change the game... forever. Today you get your seat at the table. Today we change American politics. Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce my Vice Presidential running mate United States Senator Marco Rubio." Marco walks out to embrace Mitt Romney while the crowd stands, screams, and cheers. Tears stream down cheeks. CHECKMATE. [more...]

Restoring America: What's Fair?

If you’ve lived in America any length of time, you’ve probably heard someone say that something wasn’t fair. It’s become the mantra of the self-seeking narcissistic culture we live in. No longer do people want justice or what is right; they want what is fair. And President Obama is betting the entire success of his campaign on getting voters to vote based on emotions, not logic or legality. Not to be outdone, it seems that establishment Republicans are joining the emotions parade thinking this will endear them to voters.

In my new book, No Tomorrows: How to Halt America's Imminent Collapse and Return to the American Dream – And Why it Must Start with the 2012 Elections, I analyze what the core problems are in America and how to fix them. This idea that we should base decisions on feelings shows a lack of understanding of true leadership. True leaders do not make decisions based on emotions; but politicians on both sides of the aisle would have us think it’s the right thing to do. If we do, however, are we really being fair? True leaders realize that we legislate what is right, not what is fair. Inevitably some things will be unfair. Laws are about what’s best for our society, not about what’s fair to one group versus another. [more...]

Is President Obama’s unilateral decision to allow young illegal immigrants to stay here a political move that will help him or backfire on him? What of the dueling - and harshly negative - economic speeches by the President and Governor Romney in Ohio? Why are they both so opposed to showing us their vision of how to fix the economy? Do they even have a vision? This, and much more, will be discussed by the CAMPAIGN INSIDERS - Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen and John LeBoutillier - LIVE on Fox News Channel Sunday afternoons. [more...]

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