Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6-27-12 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Richard Bernstein: Analysis: Obamacare Decision
2. Al Fadi: Sharia Law and Islamic Radicalization
3. Doug Johnson: Obama's "Leadership" Boggles the Mind [AND] The Colorado Wildfires
4. John LeBoutillier: Video Analysis on Obamacare Decision

Richard Bernstein is Available for Interviews Leading Up to and Post Obamacare Decision

Richard S. Bernstein will comment on the effect of the Obamacare decision on small businesses.  Mr. Bernstein, CEO of Richard S. Bernstein & Associates, and healthcare adviser to Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, will be available to comment leading up to and after the Supreme Court decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare.  He will specifically address how small businesses will deal with the new requirements, what new costs will be incurred by small businesses, and how insurance companies will implement the changes. Bernstein has spoken to top media outlets such as Forbes, FORTUNE, Bloomberg, CBS News, and CNN spreading his free-market, fiscally conservative, pro-capitalist, business approach to healthcare.

Sharia Law and Islamic Radicalization

The Spring of 2011, The Arab Spring provided a glimpse of hope that real democracy is finally on the rise in the Middle East, a region that has been living under oppression and tyranny for decades, if not centuries. Many people were excited, marching in the streets of Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Saudi, Bahrain, and Syria. Young and old joined together for the greater cause; FREEDOM at last. But in the Summer of 2012, The Arab Spring, faded away; hope fizzled away. Fear is on the rise because of the Muslim Brotherhood; Salafi, Sharia Law and Radical Islam. All of a sudden Mubarak and his past reign seemed more promising than the unknown future. What was once called “Arab Spring” is now called “Arab Winter” as my friend Stakelbeck calls it. The Spring of 2013, with radical Islamic regimes at the helm of governments in Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Saudi, Gaza, Algeria, and Sudan, one can only ask; where did the Spring go? What does this mean to the U.S.? Terror, Trouble, and Tragedy. [more...]

Obama's "Leadership" Boggles the Mind

President Obama and his administration have nothing but contempt for their responsibilities under the law, and what may be even worse is that no one in Congress is standing up to hold them accountable. According to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the actions taken by President Obama’s administration in response to Arizona’s challenge on immigration law is mind boggling. And most thinking folks believe it’s that way on other issues, too. When an administration not only disagrees, but refuses to enforce select laws that they are duty-bound to enforce, it shows us there is no real leadership present. What’s worse is when Congress doesn’t hold them accountable for those actions it confirms that there’s a dire shortage of leadership there, too. In my new book, No Tomorrows: How to Halt America's Imminent Collapse and Return to the American Dream – And Why it Must Start with the 2012 Elections, I address the issue of leadership. It is something that is severely lacking in America today. [more...]

NOTE: Doug Johnson lives in Colorado and may be facing evacuation in the next few days.  He is available to talk about the Colorado wildfires. Go here for more...

Video Analysis on Obamacare Decision

What are the political ramifications of the Supreme Court's almost total overturn of the Arizona Immigration Law? And what can we expect from this Thursday's Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare? Watch CAMPAIGN INSIDERS - featuring Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen and John LeBoutillier as they analyze the 2012 campaign with no spin, no talking points and absolutely no agendas. [more...]

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