Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10-17-12 Expert Commentators for Your Show

1. Al Fadi: The Benghazi Dilemma: Why the Radical Islamists are Still Winning
2. John LeBoutillier: Debate Analysis
3. Wayne Allyn Root: That Damn Record!
4. Doug Johnson: What Really Happened at the Debate?
5. Joseph Klein: Arming Our Enemies

The Benghazi Dilemma: Why the Radical Islamists are Still Winning

Since the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, there have been many conflicting reports about the circumstances surrounding this troubling incident. This reveals a very sad reality: either the U.S. intelligence community is in a state of chaos, or the State Department and the Administration are not communicating well with one another. Either way, this is very troubling. It tells the radicals that the U.S. is not prepared to defend its foreign establishments - a welcome invitation to the terrorists to launch more deadly attacks. It also sends an indirect message to the radical Islamists that the U.S. is not willing to denounce them or their ideology; rather, a cover-up is being constructed to avoid taking such direction. This can only mean one thing to the radicals: they are winning BIG. Such a reality can fuel their desires even more to launch other attacks, knowing there are no immediate consequences. [more...]

Debate Analysis

Obama was much better this time around - confident and aggressive - but not like Biden. Romney was steady but his face often looked strained. Romney blew it on the Rose Garden Libya misstatement and Obama used the 47% very well at the end. Overall, Romney did well. But the President will be proclaimed the winner and 'The Comeback Kid' by the media. [more...]

That Damn Record!

It wasn’t Obama’s fault this time.  It was that damn record. No one has EVER been able to go into the ring with Obama - the heavyweight talker - and “take it to him,” knock him out, leave him reeling, leave him shaking and breathless from body blows... until Mitt Romney. Not just because Mitt is the smartest guy in the room - and he is - but because Obama has never in his career had to run on an actual record. [more...]

What Really Happened at the Debate?

Most reporting about the presidential debate tells little of what really happened. Conclusions are essentially split along party lines with the left (the Democrats and the mainstream media) trying very hard to find a win for President Obama, in spite of a lackluster performance. Sure, he did better than in the last debate, but it was nothing to get excited about. It was a typical Obama performance of rhetoric, lies, and avoiding his own record while attacking Romney using Alinsky tactics to try to weaken Romney’s credibility in the eyes of voters. So, I’d be careful trusting much of what is being reported in the media. Instead, let’s look at some facts about the debate that should help voters understand what really happened. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Arming Our Enemies

The Obama administration has a habit of helping our enemies obtain weapons, with lethal consequences. The Fast & Furious operation resulted in guns going to Mexican drug lords. The Libyan “lead from behind” operation allowed weapons to get loose and ultimately into the hands of Islamist jihadists. The latest episode involves arms flowing from Islamic countries, who claim to be in our camp, to Islamist jihadists, some with ties or affiliations with al Qaeda. [more...]

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