Monday, October 29, 2012

Hollywood Gives Money to Obama 16:1 over Romney

Hollywood celebrities are not only assisting with ads and appearances like actress Eva Longoria and rocker Bruce Springsteen do, but reaching into their wallets and donating to the Obama campaign in overwhelming numbers when compared to Romney campaign donations.

The sheer number of Hollywood donors has become large enough that The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) now includes “celebrity” lists where the famous who give to a respective campaign are set forth. Entertainers, athletes, authors and others are included on this political “A-list” based on paperwork that is filed with the Federal Election Commission.

“It’s [the celebrity list] new for us,” CRP spokesperson Russ Choma told Reuters. “We started it a couple of weeks ago, mostly out of demand, but also because there are so many people on it.” [more...]

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