Thursday, November 1, 2012

11-1-12 Expert Commentators for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root's Election Prediction: Most Accurate in the Nation
2. Dr. Elaina George: An Ode to the Role of Big Government
3. Doug Johnson: Defects, Lies & Videotape
4. Diana West: Did Iran Have a Hand in Benghazi?
5. Kyle Olson: Alabama Democrats Dangle Big Teacher Raise Proposal One Week before Election

Root's Election Prediction: Most Accurate in the Nation

My prediction - a Romney landslide - might be of interest to your audience. It was made at a time when Obama led in EVERY poll in the country. My exact prediction was Romney by 5 to 7 points and 100 to 120 electoral votes. The latest "Battleground Poll" shows this EXACT number that I predicted (5 point Romney victory) as the likely outcome of the election. [more...]

An Ode to the Role of Big Government

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, a vision of the federal government as our savior has emerged.  This romanticized vision of the benefits of an ever expanding government taking control to affect everything from our waistlines, to breast feeding, to mandatory vaccinations, to how we live and die needs to be considered. What price are we paying to allow the government to extend far beyond its role of protecting us from enemies by descending into a nanny state? For some, the sight of people standing in lines for hours for gasoline or those huddled in their homes with limited or no supplies of food and water provide an answer to this question. For them, dependence on the government has led to potentially tragic vulnerability. We as a people have voluntarily ceded our individual authority and responsibility to a system that is designed to treat us as a collective group of children who are incapable of making decisions for the good of ourselves and of our families. [more... ]

Defects, Lies & Videotape

President Obama, his administration and his campaign have done everything they can to deflect attention from the Benghazi attacks, lie about it, and cover it up to keep it out of the public eye so that he can get reelected. But even if he’s reelected, that won’t be the end of it. Deflects, lies, and videotape are the very issues that could not only stop Obama’s reelection; they could bring down his presidency even if he is reelected. If the American people ever understand what has been happening, it will be a scandal so large that it will drive Obama from office much the same way that Nixon was forced out by Watergate. [more...]

Did Iran Have a Hand in Benghazi?

There have been a slew of breaking reports concerning what might have drawn the late Ambassador Christopher Stevens to Benghazi on September 10 and 11. The different strands of this developing story indicate that Stevens may have been there to oversee or inspect an ongoing covert CIA operation to supply weapons and men to the jihadist-dominated "rebels" fighting Syria's Assad. Stevens' last meeting, after all, was with Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin. Turkey, of course, with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, is a leading supporter of the "rebels" fighting to overthrow Assad. But there may be a deeper, more secret layer of dirt to unearth. [more...]

Alabama Democrats Dangle Big Teacher Raise Proposal One Week before Election

There’s pandering for votes, and then there’s corruption. Craig Ford, the Democratic Minority Leader of the Alabama House of Representatives, has both down to perfection. One week before Election Day, he announced plans to introduce a bill giving all government school teachers a 10 percent raise over two years. “The cost of living for educators, retirees and state employees has increased by 10 percent since their last pay increase. But this pay increase will also help recruit quality teachers and be a boost for the statewide economy,” Ford was quoted. [more...]

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