Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3-19-13 Expert Commentators for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: The Man Shaping Obama’s Strategy on Israel
2. James Hirsen: Privacy Concerns over Google Glass Hit the Web
3. Dave Bego: One Man's Fight against Union Power
4. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.: The Jodi Arias Trial & PTSD
5. John LeBoutillier: CPAC, Priebus' "Autopsy" of 2012 and the Dueling Budget Plans

The Man Shaping Obama’s Strategy on Israel

The New York Times published a front page story on Saturday, March 16th lauding Benjamin J. Rhodes, President Obama's "35-year old deputy national security adviser with a soft voice, strong opinions and a reputation around the White House as the man who channels Mr. Obama on foreign policy." Rhodes successfully led the charge to persuade Obama to throw Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus and to intervene militarily in Libya to help topple Muammar el-Qadaffi. Now Rhodes is shaping President Obama's public charm offensive that will be on display during his visit to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan this week. [more...]

Privacy Concerns over Google Glass Hit the Web

A major buzz has been building in the mainstream and social media over a technological device that is being developed by search giant Google called Google Glass, which is a wearable computer, with a head-mounted display in the form of eyeglasses. The Google Glass eyeglasses will reportedly display information to a wearer in a smartphone-like format and will allow a user to interact with the Internet via voice commands. However, as has been seen with other types of data collection, tracking technology, and proposed devices that interface with the human body, the capabilities of such computing instruments raise some serious issues involving personal privacy, Google Glass being no exception. [more...]

One Man's Fight against Union Power

Entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley should pay close attention to the experiences of Dave Bego, the Indiana businessman who started a company from scratch. By 2006, after years of unrelenting toil and sacrifice by Bego and his family, Executive Management Services, Inc. (EMS) had expanded into 38 states and had 5,000 employees. Bego now had something so valuable it became an attractive target for unionization. Bego’s story, which he has written about in two books and has turned into a one-man information crusade, is not unique. But his decision to fight back is very unusual, and his account of how his company was targeted has gone largely unreported. The details of his fight reveal a frightening lack of legal protection for company owners and their workers from union intimidation, as well as a dated, shamelessly abused set of exemptions shielding over-zealous union organizers from legal sanctions. [more...] Help Stop "Card Check" - Go Here to Sign the Petition

The Jodi Arias Trial & PTSD

The Jodi Arias murder case in which she claims prior abuse and failure to remember crucial aspects of her crime have brought the issues of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dissociation - concepts that are confusing to many - into national attention leaving many bewildered about how traumas, dissociation and crime may all be linked together. Oftentimes PTSD is thought of as a disorder in which one cannot forget a trauma. And in many cases of PTSD, the trauma - having been burned deeply into memory - is constantly relived in intensely detailed and disturbing traumatic flashbacks. This is the most common manifestation of PTSD and what we have become accustomed to seeing portrayed in movies of trauma victims such as veterans suffering flashbacks of combat. There is, however, also another side to PTSD and that is when a dissociative amnesia occurs in response to a trauma that is too horrible to make its way into the normal conscious narrative. [more...]

CPAC, Priebus' "Autopsy" of 2012 and the Dueling Budget Plans

John LeBoutillier discusses the fall-out from CPAC, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus' "autopsy" of the 2012 race, and the ongoing Capitol Hill Budget Battle: Part 1 - Part 2 - Monday ... [more...]

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