Friday, March 8, 2013

3-8-13 Updates

New Hampshire law prevents school administrators from viewing full criminal records of potential employees

It’s bad enough school and union officials routinely cut deals with teachers suspected of sexually abusing students, giving them letters of recommendation and allowing them to avoid prosecution in exchange for their resignations. Oftentimes those teachers gain employment at other schools and continue to assault students. Now it appears that a New Hampshire state law is also helping educators with checkered pasts avoid detection when they apply for school jobs. [more...]

Third grader’s birthday cupcakes with plastic army men deemed ‘insensitive’

Last week, a third grade boy at Michigan’s Schall Elementary School brought 30 cupcakes to school in celebration of his ninth birthday. The cupcakes were topped with plastic army guys like the ones countless boys and girls have played with for decades. But Principal Susan Wright stopped the boy from passing the treats out to classmates until the plastic army soldiers had been removed. Wright said the figures were “insensitive” in light of the recent Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut. At least he wasn’t suspended or charged with a hate crime. [more...]

CNN: Oberlin College wrong to cancel classes after ‘hate’ incidents

After a string of “racist and anti-gay incidents” on the campus of Oberlin College in Ohio, administrators canceled all classes Monday to hold a “Day of Solidarity.” Writing for CNN, John S. Wilson says the college missed an opportunity to do something more meaningful and important. [more...]

Teachers union seeks dirt on school board members’ gym memberships, spouses’ employers

Dissatisfied with its lack of success in the fight for a new teachers’ contract, the Framingham Teachers’ Association is escalating its intimidation tactics against the school committee. The union has created a database to collect personal information on board members, including information on people – spouses – who have nothing to do with school affairs. [more...]

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