Monday, March 11, 2013

'Oz the Great and Powerful:' Not So Great, but Powerful at the Box Office

In the making of the new movie “Oz the Great and Powerful,” director Sam Raimi has kept with the current filmmaking trend and succumbed to the temptation of sacrificing fundamentals only to rely on eye-popping computer generated effects. The movie suffers considerably as a result of its weakness of dialogue, uneven story pacing, indelicate editing, and general miscasting of actors.

Notwithstanding some of its flaws, though, the film did succeed in securing one of the biggest March debuts ever, taking in about $80 million in North America and $70 million abroad. Still, it is likely that the executives at Disney are going to be feeling jittery in the next few weeks, since film production and the cost of marketing ratcheted up the tally to roughly $325 million. [more...]

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