Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8-21-13 Expert Commentators for Your Show

1. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: To Support or Not to Support Egypt
2. Joe Messina: Institutions of Higher Learning... About Sex
3. Chad Hovind: Christians against Obamacare
4. John LeBoutillier: We Now Live in a Lawless Country with D.C. Helping Itself at the Expense of the American People

To Support or Not to Support Egypt
By Rabbi D.B. Ganz ... just back from the Middle East

I respectfully dispute the administration’s grasp of the recent events in Egypt. First of all, it is not true that the U.S. policy is to only support "good guys" in Egypt like Morsi. Mubarak was a very brutal despot, yet the U.S. sent him aid for 30 years. Furthermore, Morsi is not a "good guy" - not by any stretch of the imagination. While it is true that Morsi was elected democratically, so too was Adolph Hitler. Hitler won an election, but soon thereafter, he dismantled Germany's democracy and became its supreme ruler. Morsi was in the midst of doing almost the exact same thing when he was finally ousted; he had already legally become Egypt's dictator for life, and he was busy neutering the judiciary and legislature. Accordingly, if Mubarak and Morsi were supported unhesitatingly, the same should apply to the present Egyptian Army. There are, however, two entirely different reasons for why the U.S. should fully support Egypt's current rulers. They have to do with morality and safety. [more...]

Institutions of Higher Learning... About Sex

We expect colleges to hand out information at the beginning of the school year about dealing with the anxiety of attending college, how to manage your time, or how to study. But if you plan to attend the College of Charleston, one of the first introductions you will receive is "Find your Erotic self" - in comic book form! This comic book is a memoir about a woman coming to terms with her sexual identity and her closeted gay father who had a relationship with an underage male babysitter.  This helps prepare our young adults for the "real world?" What does this have to do with entering college and excelling in a career? Shouldn’t I find "myself” before I find my “erotic self?" How about I find my dorm room first and then the bookstore? A grocery store would be nice and even the nearest clinic or dry cleaner. Somewhere, about 400 items down on the list might be a comic book that explores gender and sexuality issues. [more...]

Christians against Obamacare

MSNBC host Ed Schultz says anyone who disagrees with Obamacare is a "phony Christian" who doesn't want to be his brother's keeper. As the author of Godonomics, where I lay out multiple moral reasons why one might be against Obamacare, let me correct Ed.  On Schultz's misquoting of the Bible with his reference to being our "brother's keeper" - the Bible NEVER advocates being our brother's keeper.   The only time the phrase is used, is by Cain right after he killed his brother.  When advocating taking care of your brother, it is best not to quote the guy who killed his brother. Actually, the Bible advocates "carrying each other's burdens" while affirming each person "carry their own load." [a few moral reasons why a Christian might reject Obamacare...]

We Now Live in a Lawless Country with D.C. Helping Itself at the Expense of the American People

This week the POLITICAL INSIDERS pulled back the veil to show how we have become a country of men, not laws. We are now a lawless country with the political class doing anything they can to help themselves at the expense of the American people. To see the shows, go to Monday, Sunday, Pt. I, Sunday, Pt. 2.

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